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March 31, 2008 - 1 Comment

Brad Hedlund, a Cisco Systems Engineer out of Illinois and author of a very nice blog that strives to help network engineers worldwide wrote this nice write-up on the Nexus 7000.I like how Brad brings forward some of the key differentiators that will be sustainable for a very long time. Brad- have you had any feedback on the usability feature set on the Nexus?dg

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  1. Doug,Thanks for the shout out. Honestly, right now the question I get the most about Nexus 7000 is Wow this is a really cool switch, is the CLI just like IOS?"" When the answer is ""you bet it is"" the next question is usually, ""Great, how much does it cost?"". After we see some pricing based on what they would need the reaction is usually ... ""Hey, thats not bad at all.""The out-of-band and completely autonomous Connectivity Management Processor (CMP) management port on the Nexus Supervisor is a big hit as well.-Brad"