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A Pretty Decent Ethernet Switch

June 20, 2008 - 0 Comments

With all the talk of the Nexus 5000 being the first FCoE switch on the market, we tend to forget that it is a pretty decent Ethernet switch as well. Mario Apicella is about to put the Nexus 5000 through its paces with a variety of tests that will show it to be a very high performance switch with over a terabit of switching capacity. More importantly, it does the little things well, too. For example, the ability to learn MAC addresses in hardware. This comes in handy in virtualized server environments where a switch has to quickly learn thousands of MAC addresses. Trust me, I remember the data center meltdowns caused by switches that performed MAC address learning in software.For a quick overview of all the features that make the Nexus 5000 a world-class Ethernet switch, please take a look at the data sheet. You’ll notice its ability to forward over 700 Mpps at latencies of around 3 microseconds. Again, a pretty decent Ethernet switch.

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