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A Model for Open Platform Development

July 14, 2008 - 0 Comments

I was discussing the Apple Victory this weekend with a lot of friends. Personally, I think the mobile platform war was just won, or darn close to it, and even naysayers must admit it was a major offensive that opened the battle on a new front. (Think Battle of Normandy, 1944). What I really appreciate though is the brilliance of the development model and what was retained in the ‘closed’ portions of the platform that to me are a master-stroke. The application acquisition, commercial transaction, and catalog are all maintained as part of Apple’s infrastructure. Subtly, but I think potentially most important for on-going development and adoption is the retention of the ongoing application upgrade cycle, version control so to speak. Apple built the application upgrade model centrally and into a core part of the mobile app delivery platform. Most importantly in the end, Apple is masterful in consumerizing IT, making technology fun, cool, and approachable. There are many lessons we can learn from this, lessons that go back to Cisco’s core as a company such as: Why do static routes when dynamic routing protocols make things simpler and easier; why run 4 routing protocols when you can run one for multiple network protocols, etc. In then end revolutionary developments, market entrances, and new operating models for open platform development like this set a good bar for all of the technology industry. So while applauding Apple’s success and style in this announcement and achievement, I also want to ensure that we take away some very positive lessons learned about platform development, and IT simplification.dg

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