A New Type of Publication

June 21, 2012 - 0 Comments

Jon Ashley, the editor of the newish publication, Cisco Services Dynamics recently asked me if I’d be interested in providing an article on Cloud Computing.  I gladly agreed and after a quick briefing from Jon was off and typing.  While none of this is all that unusual, it turns out that Cisco Services Dynamics is a different sort of publication.

The first thing that sets Dynamics apart is the emphasis placed on having the articles be informative, concise and, focused on Services.  Since I was planning a piece on Cloud it seemed this would be a bit of a “no brainer”.  However, I found my first draft lacking in a couple of areas.   For starters I was not all that concise; I was frankly a bit long winded.  Secondly I missed the mark on being informative.  Seems I, like many marketers, confused informative with selling.   However with a bit of coaching from Jon I was able to re-work my piece and submit it for publication.

Recently I received an email letting me know Cisco Services Dynamics Edition 3 was officially available; and thanking me for my contribution.   This is where another nice feature of the publication came to light.  You can choose to receive the publication in a printed format, on-line, or both.   I choose the on-line version and found that it takes advantage of its on-line format and provides much more than a pleasing interface that allows you to “turn the pages”, share via Twitter and LinkedIn, and integrated video and expanding text boxes.

The uniqueness is in the fresh editing style that the Dynamics team uses to pull the piece together into a finished product that is engaging.  They blend pieces that are concise, focused on Services, informative, and make them available in a very engaging format that makes this publication shine.   I for example spent 5 minutes with the piece on Smart Services and came away with a deeper, real world understanding of Smart Services; what they are and their intrinsic customer value.  The piece was engaging to the point that I felt like I’d had a discussion with Roland Roth, Manager of Smart Service.

There is no shortage of sources of IT information.  What makes this publication stand out is the effective and engaging manner through which it informs.  I was happy to click on the subscribe button and I think you will be too.

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