A Cloudy Day in Hollywood

July 19, 2012 - 0 Comments

I was recently vising a few customers south of our corporate offices in the Los Angeles area and I was jolted into realizing that I need to add one more significant benefit of deploying our Intelligent Automation for Cloud software.

When I talk about benefits of Private (and Public ) Cloud I usually focus on these four business drivers:

  • Drive towards shorter provisioning times (for both Physical and Virtual Infrastructure) and self service
  • Desire to reduce infrastructure costs by moving from a provision for peak loads on each application to one of pooling of resources and “averaging” out the workload peaks and to enable the pay for usage
  • Users (and management) was a predictable SLA for provisioning achieved through orchestration and automation
  • Need to reduce VM sprawl and increase governance and compliance over the provisioning process.

These are very strong drivers and generally our strongest success stories light up two or more of these desires during the choice to move to private and public cloud for Infrastructure as a service.

But, we forgot one key point to make….

This became crystal clear in discussions about the industry transformation that is occurring in many of the key industries that has made Hollywood famous.  Using a self-service oriented orchestrated private cloud can be a key catalyst for changing the way applications are developed, tested and deployed.  This is huge.  Application developers can take typical cycle times of months and reduce it to weeks.  This can save some shops 10’s to 100’s of millions of dollars.   Hardware acquisition and ownership costs over time are only 15% or so of the total cost of ownership of the application that is running the business.  Getting your new application to market faster through a well governed and automated private cloud can enable new lines of business that can get your business monetizing well before your competition.  Key to this success is having a Cloud Superhero in your organization (see my Cloud Superhero Part One Blog).

Who would have thought that a service catalog, self-service portal , and orchestrator would enable revenue acceleration in industries from defense, healthcare, to digital content….

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