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April 21, 2008 - 0 Comments

I just read John Rath’s recent post on Data Center Links about Cisco’s Data Center Vision. It really reaffirms something for me that I was sitting with some of our key data center leadership discussing today, and that is that blogging just plain works. We get feedback, broadly, in minutes and days that would takes months with ‘focus groups’ and other traditional marketing machinations. We hear from our customers, our partners, our competitors, and we learn what works and what doesn’t- rapidly. I love it.There has been a veritable furor and at least heart-pounding discussion on the merits of FCoE, iSCSI, FCIP, and many other acronyms. Can you imagine the T-shirt? “CISCO NEXUS: My Acronyms are better than your Acronyms! “What our vision comes down to in the end is a simple statement: “Any application, any workload, any server, anywhere, in seconds, configured in software. “It’s a complimentary vision to many of our top-tier partners. It’s one that challenges many niche companies. It’s one the solves many customer challenges. It’s a vision that w feel we can deliver, and we’re on the trajectory to make more and more of it into a reality this year and over the next few.dg

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