Great companies transform to meet their customer’s needs. From its humble beginnings as a small network equipment manufacturer, Cisco has grown into one of the largest global providers of hardware, software and services – with offerings that many customers consider their IT backbone and rely on for security, daily IT business operations, internal and external communications and enabling great customer experiences.

As Cisco has evolved, so has the way that we enable our customers to be successful. Smart Net is still around and continues to evolve to provide break-fix services for hardware, and our Advanced Services practice still provides planning, design and implementation services across Cisco technologies. But customers today are looking for long-term partners who are vested in their business success and growth – whether that’s helping with initial technology deployments, driving adoption to new technology, or product refreshes – (not to mention migration to the cloud and business transformation).

Cisco already has innovative analytics-driven packaged service offerings that help Cisco across the technology lifecycle – Business Critical Services and Success Tracks, but we realize that not every customer is looking for a structured, comprehensive package of deliverables – some just want guidance and mentoring through their technology challenges – a lifeline, a friend, a confidant – someone who they trust for their expertise on Cisco technologies.

Enter Cisco Expert Access. Expert Access is a new incubation offer that we’ve created based on customer feedback – especially created for customers who don’t have large installed bases. Expert Access provides an annual subscription of access to Cisco experts in the form of one-hour sessions led by our Customer Success Specialists (CSS). These sessions include getting started with Cisco technology, high-level consultations on deployment and installation best practices, understanding the health status of your environment, best practices for upgrades and migrations – and more. Think of these sessions as being able to open up to a technology therapist – who will use all of their training and Cisco expertise to help you solve your challenges.



“Cisco Customer Success Specialists (CSS) are some of our most technical resources within CX. Their job is to help customers drive adoption of and get the full advantages of their Cisco Technologies. CSS help resolve issues and barriers that prevent our customers from being successful.”

—Anisha Sivakumar, Vice President, Cisco Customer Success

We’ve made Expert Access simple to buy. It’s the first Cisco CX service offer that you can buy online with a credit card, PayPal or wire transfer. And we’ve made it even easier to use. Our session request form is like a matchmaking service – simply tell us what technology you need help with and your topic area of interest, and we’ll match you up with the right CSS. And you’re not limited to just one topic or technology (or CSS) – in fact the service is designed so that you can get help across your entire Cisco technology stack from the right expert from the team.

And while Expert Access is in its early stages, we’re already planning for this offer to evolve. Currently Cisco partners cannot sell nor deliver Expert Access, but Cisco partners are welcome to purchase and use it. And we have plans for the not-too-distant future for a partner model that will enable partners to sell and support this offer.

So we invite you to take a look at www.cisco.com/go/expertaccess – and see why our customers love their Cisco Customer Success specialists. We now offer a 10-session package so you can try Expert Access and see if it’s right for you.