The way we work today has changed dramatically with growing flexibility in the workplace. With increase in user mobility, effective collaboration solutions are a must to maintain teamwork and improve productivity.

To address the changing climate, many businesses have opted for collaboration as a service (CaaS): According to Synergy Research Group, hosted and cloud solutions were up 9% in 2016 year-over-year.

These are a few reasons why organizations are
moving to CaaS:

  1. CapEx to OpeX shift: Pay per use model that reduces complexity and cost.
  2. No up-front cost: Eliminated expense of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading software and hardware and on-going costs.
  3. No technical expertise required: Broad collaboration capabilities delivered without having to take up IT resources.
  4. Consistent user experience: Similar experience and set of capabilities offered to users wherever they are located.
  5. Enterprise-class security: Protected environment and data via antivirus, anti-spam, system updates, data archiving, backup and recovery solutions.

How do you think companies can easily and reliably use secure collaboration solutions no matter where their employees go, what devices they use, or how they access the network? Let’s chat on Wed, May 3rd at 11AM PT.

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