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Leading by Example on Energy Reduction

October 4, 2011 - 6 Comments

Cisco’s TelePresence product is helping organizations around the world reduce their carbon footprints. A perfect example is the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which just held its annual global launch through video conferencing for the first time ever.

Where once executives and speakers would have flown in from far-flung locations around the globe to attend the meeting, people from nine locations on four continents gathered at a virtual conference table to discuss the challenging environmental problems facing our planet.

The CDP works with the largest corporations in the world, encouraging them to take action to halt climate change. Using TelePresence to reduce its own environmental impact is a no-brainer.

Likewise, Cisco is “walking the talk” when it comes to energy reduction. In CDP’s report on corporate carbon disclosure, Cisco had the top score in the Information Technology field. Cisco has been #1 or 2 for the past three years.

Not only is Cisco providing the tools to enable its customers to use less energy, but it is making products that are more energy and resource-efficient in their design, manufacture, use, and end-of-life.

Read more about the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and how technology can bring positive environmental change on Cisco’s Ecolibrium blog.

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  1. We share the view that technology is one of the solution to face climate change. It will help companies reaching their goals in terms of green house gas emissions. We published an article on this subject too

  2. Thank you very much for your view on this subject. We have recently published a post
    on our blog mentioning other applications that can help improve energy efficiency and combat climate change.

  3. You set a good example, and I can only hope that many more companies will follow. We need to be responsible about our actions, because taking care of our planet is not an optional thing, it’s a must.

  4. we must make use of energy from now to the future survival of this

  5. I had no idea that Cisco had the top scores for the past three years when it comes to Energy reduction in the information technology field. That is extremely impressive. It is nice to see Cisco doing exactly what you wrote about “walking the talk” Congrats cisco job well done!