Cisco donates Flip Videos to nonprofits to help them garner support

We are opening an opportunity for nonprofits to use video to tell their stories – helping attract volunteers, financial support and enthusiasm for the causes nonprofits work so tirelessly to address!

Cisco will be donating Flip Video cameras to nonprofit organizations, through a program we launched this week with TechSoup.  Eligible nonprofits and libraries can request up to five bundles of MinoHD (US and Canada) and UltraHD (US only) video cameras. 

In support of all the good that nonprofits do, Cisco works with dozens of nonprofit organizations every year through cash and technology donations – and we’re hopeful this new program will be another boost to their efforts.  We believe that technology doesn’t just change businesses, we believe it can change the world.

If you work with a nonprofit organization, we hope you’ll apply – and then we hope you’ll share your stories with us, so we can share your stories with the world!  Get your hands on a Flip, tell your story – and then send it our way, and we’ll share it via our Web and social media channels, to help multiply your impact.

Don’t know how to use video to tell your story?  No problem, it’s easy.  We’ve made a series of short tutorials about the power of video in helping nonprofits garner support, how to design a good video shoot, how to shoot it, and then how to edit it.  Those can be found at

Further details on the US program can be found here, and the Canadian program here.  In order to access the program, nonprofits need to register through in the US or in Canada.

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  1. Charles –

    I am the Communications Director at a large church and was hoping to take advantage of this deal through TechSoup however it isn’t available to religious non profits. Is there anything similar to this that I would be able to take care of? I was hoping to buy 2 of the 5 packs in order to document missions work around the world that our teams go do.

  2. Thanks for your reply, encouraging! We have volunteer partners in the US, but they are not registered, only we are in Hong Kong. Whether or not you manage to extend this worldwide, just want to say a big thank you on behalf of those NPO’s that get the cameras – I am sure they will make a huge differece to a lot of people. Well done CISCO.

  3. What a wonderful, generous, idea! I’d love you to make an exception for outside the U.S. and Canada too. We could do SOOOO much with a flip video and our New Zealand-based umbrella organisation is registered as a non-profit in the US. Please consider us? Thanks, Marian

    • Currently we only have the gifting program in the US and Canada but are exploring opportunities to expand it internationally. We understand the demand, and will keep working on this. In the meantime, if they are registered in the US, possibly they could have someone in the US order them, and handle distribution themselves.

  4. Just noticed this is limited to U.S. and Canada. Any possibility you can make an exception? We offer video and photography to small non-profits and grassroots community groups – both in Hong Kong and globally. We are frequently forced to abandon great non-profit stories from groups overseas because we cant afford to hire a local cameraman and the group does not even have an adequate phone-camera. A flip would be a God-send in these cases. Ridealist is a legally registered society based in Hong Kong. All our productions are conducted on a pro-bono, volunteer basis. Obviously we’d be honoured and delighted to credit Cisco and TechSoup on any video if you can make this happen. Thankyou!

  5. What a great idea! Well done Cisco and TechSoup – can I suggest a group? Hands of Action Uganda – their twitter is @HandsOfActionUG

  6. Update: Just went to the site; they’re offerrig Flips at 2 for 1 pricing.

  7. Areyou sure? I spent a lot of time on this in I believe April of 2010 for the Wildlife Center of Venice and it turned out they were just trying to sell them at what they considered a charitible discount (which was higher than what i could get them for elsewhere).

    • Hi Charmaine!
      Please use this link:
      This is a very very new program. We used to have a 2 for 1 Flip program through TechSoup. This newest program, that just launched, is 6 HD Minos for $55; which covers TechSoup’s administrative cost!

      • The problem with HD cameras is that Movie-Maker, the most grassroots video editing software along with iMovie on the Mac, can’t handle the high definition files that come out of these cameras.

        I also know that, unless my news is out of date, Cisco has discontinued production of the FlipVideos, despite their worldwide popularity. So…..are we having a fire sale?