A Recap of Cisco’s #CSRChat on Twitter

October 14, 2012 - 0 Comments

On Wednesday, October 9 Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was honored to be the guest for the #CSRChat hosed by the fabulous and super energetic Susan McPherson (@susanmcp1)!

Since our conversation was fast and lively we thought it would be useful to provide the questions and answers, along with resources to give you some additional insight into Cisco’s CSR work:

To begin with at Cisco, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to operate in ways that respect and ultimately benefit people, communities, and the planet we live on. Our core CSR philosophy is that impact multiplies whenever human and technology networks combine to solve a problem.

Here is the Q&A list of questions from our session:

Q1: Why does @CiscoSystems do CSR? #CSRchat

A1: CSR helps build relationships & incubate new tech for benefit of society, planet & our business csr.cisco.com #CSRchat

Q2: The slogan of @CiscoCSR is: “you + networks=impact ^ x”. Can you explain this philosophy? #CSRchat

A2: When people & technology come together to address an issue, you can multiply your impact. http://cs.co/About #CSRChat

Q3: What is the focus of the @CiscoCSR program? #CSRchat

A3: Focus on 5 pillars:Governance & Ethics, Supply Chain, Our People, Society & the Environment http://cs.co/About #CSRChat

A3: In society we focus on: #Education, #Healthcare, Economic Empowerment &Critical Human Needs  http://cs.co/society #CSRchat

Q4: How does @Cisco leverage its products and skills to impact communities? #CSRchat

A4: We donate people expertise, networking& collaboration technologies and cash to address social issues. http://cs.co/About #CSRchat

Q5: Can you tell us about one or two of your favorite @CiscoCSR initiatives? #CSRchat

A5: Networking Academy has provided ICT skills education to 4+ M students thru people and tech networks. http://cs.co/NAcad #CSRChat

A5: After Sichuan quake built tech foundation to improve access to healthcare & education for rural residents http://cs.co/Sichuan #CSRChat

Q6: Why did Cisco CSR decide to partner with @HuffingtonPost on the new @HuffPostImpact section #ImpactX? #CSRchat

A6: We partnered w/ @HuffPostImpact on #ImpactX to inspire others to multiply their impact through partnerships and technology. #CSRchat

A6: We also hope to share what @CiscoCSR has learned about using technology for #socialgood. http://cs.co/ImpactX #CSRchat

A6: Here is the link to the intro #ImpactX blog post from Cisco SVP Tae Yoo that explains more. http://cs.co/HPYoo #CSRChat

Q7: Who are some of @CiscoCSR’s community partners and how do you select them? #CSRchat

A7: We partner with many NGOs like @CityYear, @Inveneo, @FeedingAmerica &@OneEconomy. http://cs.co/CSRCP #CSRChat

A7: Partner selection criterion: 1. align to our focus areas 2.create technology based solutions 3. have impact metrics #CSRChat

Q8: The @Cisco YouTube channel is quite popular. How do you use video to engage audiences with @CiscoCSR? #CSRchat

A8: Video really brings a story to life-seeing & hearing from those impacted. Powerful engagement tool in #SocialMedia. #CSRChat

Q9: How does @CiscoCSR use social media to advance CSR goals? #CSRchat 

A9: We use #SM to share best practices, impact metrics, promote our partners, encourage employee & customer engagement. #CSRChat

Q10: Which social platform have you found most effective for @CiscoCSR? #CSRchat

A10: A combo of blog posts, twitter and FB, with links to videos and stories on csr.cisco.com. #CSRChat

Q11: Why do you think it’s so important to communicate the @CiscoCSR program with such a wide audience? #CSRchat

A11: Cisco is a global co committed to driving value for society, the planet & our business. Hope to inspire others on #socialgood. #CSRchat

Q12: @CiscoCSR What tips would do you have for other CSR managers hoping to incorporate social media? #CSRchat

A12: Be clear on  goals and  success metrics; focus on sharing best practices and lessons learned, not just building followers. #CSRChat

Q13: How does @CiscoCSR engage employees with programs? #CSRchat

A13: We build awareness then encourage employees to donate to local/ global causes. Cisco has an active volunteer program. #CSRChat

Q14: Does employee engagement play a role in the @CiscoCSR social media strategy? 

A14: Yes, one goal is to make our 60,000+ employees #CSR ambassadors for Cisco. Social media is a great way to do that. #CSRChat

Q15: The @CiscoCSR reports are very thorough. What is your strategy for measuring impact

A15: We follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – provides a complete sustainability reporting framework http://cs.co/GRI #CSRChat

Q16: What does the future of @CiscoCSR look like? 

A16: Our goal is to embed #CSR into daily operations so we can further multiply our impact on society, the planet and our business. #CSRChat

To learn more about Cisco CSR’s programs and focus, please see our website: www.csr.cisco.com.

We’d love to hear from you. We value input from our stakeholders. #CSRChat

Thanks to the CSRChat host Susan McPherson (@susanmcp1) for running the chats and inviting Cisco CSR to participate. You can find upcoming #CSRchat topics here.

Some additional questions answered:

@csrmaven: Where/how does @CiscoCSR see UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights fighting into their CSR pillars? #CSRChat @susanmcp1

@CiscoCSR.@csrmaven: Cisco Supports UN Guiding Principles. We will share more on our human rights work in our 2012 CSR Report in early Nov. #csrchat

@csrmaven: @CiscoCSR Thanks, I can’t wait to read your 2012 report! #CSRChat

@TrishBerg: @CiscoCSR What are your targeted demographics? #CSRChat

@CiscoCSRUnderserved & disaster areas like the Gulf Coast, Sichuan, Haiti RT @TrishBerg @CiscoCSR What are your targeted demographics? #csrchat

@edieterich: @ciscocsr – re: A13: Do you have a matching program for employees globally? Dollars for Doers? etc? #CSRCHAT

@CiscoCSRYes we match employee giving globally thru Cisco Foundation RT@edieterich Do you have a matching program for employees globally? #csrchat

@CiscoCSR.@edieterich We also match employee volunteer hours #csrchat

‏@britsybruland@CiscoCSR Has Cisco ever had neg effects of going public with a CSR initiative?

@CiscoCSR:.@britsybruland @mrochte @SueManzuik On negative publicity -there will always be the nay sayers but we carry on. #CSRchat

@karen_ammann: power thru! RT @CiscoCSR On negative publicity -there will always be the nay sayers but we carry on. #CSRchat

@ClaesAmundsen: @CiscoCSR How do you actually train employees to be ambassadors for CSR? Comms, programmes, other? #CSRChat

@CiscoCSREducation & communication tools RT @ClaesAmundsen@CiscoCSR How do you actually train employees to be ambassadors for CSR? #csrchat

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