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Who Wants a Little Extra Money in the Bank?

I’m always interested in finding out how companies are using our technologies to streamline the ways they do things and to save money. Creative Computing, Inc., (CCI) sells software and services, and president and CEO David Doucette will tell you that this business is no slam dunk. It is time-consuming and it can be expensive. Doucette is always looking for ways to remedy these issues.

For example, with Cisco WebEx Event Center, CCI can hold webinars to showcase their products and technologies. Because this happens online, they can have many more attendees than they would be able to host in person. Since these events create new sales opportunities, drive upgrades and increase add-on licensing, being able to host more attendees than they have in the past is great for them. Also, customers are happy to stay where they are, attend the webinar, and skip the business trip. A true win-win.

Also, to save money and be most efficient during the sales cycle, CCI uses Cisco’s WebEx solutions to help them deploy custom data warehouse and performance management systems for its customers. We all know that a sale is a process and seldom closes with only a single meeting with a prospect. By demoing to prospects via WebEx, several in-person trips can be eliminated. This obviously saves the company a lot of money, but a lot of time, too, helping them to close sales more quickly than before.

According to Doucette, the math is easy. If it takes an hour to do a remote demo, his consultant could spend the rest of the day consulting, generating around $1000 a day for CCI. Multiply that by once a week, and on the shy side, 30 times a year, and you’re looking at about $30,000 in additional revenue for CCI plus all those plane tickets he didn’t have to buy.

For CCI, WebEx is like money in the bank.

by LeAnne Schrotzberger, Cisco Corporate Relations

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