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WebEx Tip: Use Polling to Make Your Meeting “Social”

March 29, 2011 - 0 Comments

With social media capturing the interest of marketing and sales folks everywhere, we are all looking for ways to increase engagement in the tools we already use. By using the polling feature in WebEx, you can do just that.

See how to run a poll in WebEx.

Just Search, a leading search engine marketing company in the United Kingdom, offers some ideas to increase engagement in their blog. Polling is one suggestion:

“Polls are a great way of engaging with your users whilst at the same time gathering valuable feedback or data. Polls allow viewers to voice an opinion and, in turn, they often enjoy checking results to see how other people feel on a given subject.”

People want to be heard and they love to share their opinion.

Using polling is easy to do. You can ask questions with multiple answers or forced choice. You can run several polls or just one. It’s a great way to learn things about your WebEx audience and it’s helpful for personalizing your content to better meet their needs. Post-event, polling results can be used at teaser content on your Facebook page or to supplement a blog you are writing.

We all know meetings are unavoidable.

However, there are ways to make them better. The Center for Applied Research offers a list of strategies you can use to increase engagement in your meetings. They say,

“The most important feature of a good meeting is feeling like you’re a part of rich conversation, in which participants build on one another’s insights while still able to surface and work through significant differences.”

They list polling as one of the recommended techniques. So the challenge is on! The next time you host a WebEx, we encourage you to consider adding a poll!

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