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Video: My Perspective and a Look Into the Future

August 25, 2011 - 1 Comment

Guest post by Bessie Wang, a summer intern with Cisco’s Corporate Communications team.

Had a hard time passing level 4-14 in angry birds? I admit I cheated and looked at the online tutorial on YouTube after much frustration. Virtual video tutorials now range from game cheats to 8 minute abs work outs to various makeup lessons. Video is changing the way we play games, interact, learn and even exercise and is constantly enriching our learning and communication experience.

Although nothing will replace the energy of being at a U2 concert live or the feeling of an embrace from a loved one after an exhausting work day, video can revolutionize and enrich people’s experience as the world becomes more mobile and international. Cisco is bridging that gap by allowing customers to get as close as they can to the real experience no matter where they are. Cisco’s broad video portfolio, from Movi desktop cameras to digital signs and immersive TelePresence rooms, delivers the highest quality of video at any time or place. Let’s take a tour of  how video can transform different industries in the coming years …


Every student learns differently. Video can enhance how knowledge is shared in the classroom, whether it is delivering a more visual lecture or providing greater access to instructors. As students are early technology adopters, educational institutions have an opportunity to harness this to enhance, student connection, interactions and enrich the student’s experience.

For example, Virtual office hours would not only give more hours to students, but allow professors to connect with students wherever they might be. Maximizing connection between the instructor and students can also open opportunities for the professor to hold lectures via video from different locations. Imagine an instructor teaching a class via video from Egypt, giving the students an in-depth look at ancient anthropology as well as allowing for interaction through live video chat.

Check out the first Telepresence classroom used to connect John Chambers from San Jose and various others from around the world to an MBA class at Duke University,


Could video be the next generation of fitness trends? The Wii and Kinect are already allowing buyers to exercise and do programs from home. With games like this how are gyms going to step up their game?

Convenience is the main benefit that gyms can provide to their customers through video. Instead of having instructors at each individual club branch, gyms can provide a greater amount of classes and work out opportunities through virtual trainers. For example, if an instructor is hosting a lesson in California at 7 PM, a member at a sister gym in New York can log in and follow along. Through additional video screens at the gym, the instructor can interact with different states or even countries.

Club members can access their fitness program from a remote location as well. Video can bring a personal trainer through video conference to wherever the trainee may be. The personal trainer will be able to see their customer’s surroundings and utilize the area around them to provide the best workout at any location. Whether it is professional or personal obligations that complicate an exercise schedule, video can customize the fitness experience and make it available for a wider audience.


Video goes beyond improving interactions and supplementing knowledge. It allows for a more accurate decision making process, especially in time – sensitive  medical situations Video can provide real time discussion, review and decision making for health care professionals and patients. For example, Video can allow patients to send in HD pictures or videos immediately from their location and have an immediate response from the doctor if urgent. In emergency situations doctors can utilize this function by starting the diagnosis before the ambulance arrives on site and thus being more prepared by the time the patient arrives at the hospital. This maximizes the productivity of the stand-by time used when patients are waiting.

Video also can play a role in connecting various health care professionals, regardless of location  to discuss and diagnose the patient for the most accurate result. Having the capability of having real-time discussions with a specialist from the other side of the world can improve medical accuracy in diagnosing results.

Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH), California’s largest public health system, utilized video through the Cius by developing their own mobile application, MIAA (Medication Information, Anytime, Anywhere), which can help allow physicians gain access to work on the go. The MIAA combines HD video collaboration features for HD video conferencing with multiple doctor consultations or nurses to allow doctors to reach out to more patients wherever they might be.

Safety and security

Video is one of the most effective tools to communicate information to a large audience. The future of video can aid the communication structure of any large venue. Thinking past video for advertisement purposes, it can be utilized as a real-time safety and information generator for the guests.

Imagine a child lost. The child’s face couldbe projected onto the screens around the park; video interaction can also be used between the child and parent to ensure the child that their parents are coming to get them.

What is the protocol in a time of emergency? With a large park or event, video can help communicate to visitors where their exits are located and the most efficient way to evacuate. Monitors can show clips of the current situation as well as directions for how to safely exit the park.  In these instances, video will lower the confusion level and provide real time updates for the guests.

The world is becoming more mobile and as business becomes more global, video  is key in enhancing communication and affecting the global change. Cisco has already demonstrated virtual concerts and holographic meetings. I will be eagerly waiting to see what Cisco comes up with next.

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  1. Indeed, when it comes to business, mobility is the keyword. Videos together with personalized applications can improve the quality of the final product and make it more accessible for clients. After all, customers are every business's main focus.