Using WebEx to Share Your Adventure: We Are Going to Mt Everest!

March 23, 2011 - 0 Comments

Last year, we hosted a free WebEx with adventurer Bear Grylls. He talked to us from his home in Wales and he talked about his experience climbing Mt Everest. He spoke of the thrill, the challenges and the deaths of his climbing mates as he reached for the summit. It was fascinating.

Now we are headed back to Mt Everest, but this time it’s personal. We will be following the journey of our friend and co-worker Brian Dickinson who is both an adventurer and a philanthropist (and a Cisco engineer).

When he decided to make the climb, he suggested using WebEx to let others see what it’s like to be at Base Camp. We can’t actually broadcast from the summit but we are talking to him just before the ascent.

But first we’ll meet him at sea level. Before the climb.

Register here to meet Brian via WebEx, tomorrow, Thursday, March 24th at noon PT.

We are seeing lots of people use WebEx to capture important moments in their lives – yes, even in their business lives. By using the recording feature, you can hang on to important conversations, creative epiphanies, and in this case, life at Base Camp on Mt Everest. The recording grabs the words, the screen share and the web cam images.

Next step: Base Camp

Once Brian arrives in Nepal, we’ll be working with him to resolve technical issues. After we work out the details, we will post the registration free WebEx event from Base Camp here. It’s tentatively scheduled for early May. His climb is also weather-dependent so our date could change.

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