UC-One SaaS Collaboration Now Driven by Webex Teams Messaging

With the Cisco acquisition of BroadSoft in February 2018, we promised that this partnership would result in incredible products for service provider partners and end customers. The strategy underlying this promise was simple – leverage the BroadSoft global, market share leading BroadWorks calling platform with the market-leading Cisco Webex collaboration portfolio to create magical customer experiences, enhance service provider competitiveness, and expand revenue opportunities.

Today, We Are Announcing…

  • UC-One Saas now offers Webex Teams messaging features, including team spaces
  • User experience (UX) now aligned with Webex Teams
  • Updated service provider benefits include new branding tools
  • Significant market success and UC-One SaaS growth momentum
UC-One SaaS takes first step toward Webex unified client vision
Figure 1- New UX- Meetings in UC-One SaaS

UC-One SaaS Collaboration Features are Now Driven by the Webex Teams Messaging Engine Bringing New Benefits to End Users

  • Team spaces – Persistent dedicated workspaces for teams of all sizes
  • File sharing – Instantly share files by simply dragging and dropping
  • Universal search -Find content information across all people, messages, and spaces
  • Enhanced B2B communication – Federated messaging with Webex Teams and Cisco Jabber users across organizations
Enhanced File Sharing in UC-One SaaS
Figure 2- Enhanced file sharing in UC-One SaaS

New Webex Teams- Based UX Across Desktop and Mobile Devices

In addition to the above benefits, UC-One SaaS now employs a new simplified and enhanced user experience. This brings the best of the Webex Teams collaboration design to UC-One SaaS across all devices including mobile phones and tablets.

New Webex Teams-based UX across desktop and mobile devices
Figure 3- New UX- Calling within UC-One SaaS and messaging on mobile

Service Provider Benefits Support an Enhanced Customer Experience

To capture consumer mindshare — and purchases — you need to understand the customer journey, build an omnichannel experience that delights your customer at every touchpoint, and use data to predict your end user behavior and deliver personalized service. UC-One SaaS now includes:

  • Advanced collaboration features – for a highly competitive and differentiated SMB offer
  • Faster, easier automated app branding – online edits are quick and simple to do
  • Flexible packaging – softphone to full UC easily scales to varying customer needs
  • Online product guide – your first line support, branded by you, maintained by Cisco
  • Cisco Success Planning and digital accelerators – set you up to win

Early Success and Continued UC-One SaaS Growth in Market

In the past year, UC-One SaaS has experienced significant growth. We have 41 Service Provider partners with coverage across the globe from North America to Latin America, and from Europe to the Middle East and Africa. New partners are being added regularly, promising an exciting future ahead. Thanks to our channel partners, billed end user customers have grown substantially in the past 12 months.

Three Things You Need to Know

Moving forward we will continue to deliver on our promises and commitments to our service provider partners and end customers. That means more investment, massive growth, and exciting new capabilities for UC-One SaaS coming soon!

  1. UC-One SaaS is the ideal offer to build UC market share with SMBs
  2. Webex Teams engine delivers the modern collaboration today’s employees demand
  3. Transition to UC-One SaaS to build your collaboration business and crush the competition


Ready to expand your offer? Contact Cisco Sales to learn more at UC-One@cisco.com