Enabling Meaningful Connections

June 24, 2013 - 2 Comments

The Internet of Everything is a big topic for us at Cisco. It’s all about connecting people and things to create new value and opportunities. Collaboration and video are key to the human component within the Internet of Everything – adding meaning to all of the data behind the connections.

Cisco’s video and collaboration vision uniquely position us to be your partner of choice as we move into the future, especially on the journey toward the Internet of Everything.

Collaboration isn’t new. Let’s start by putting things into perspective: The desire and need to collaborate is something we, as people, have carried within us from the beginning. We were only missing the tools to unleash collaboration. And then we created them. One by one. From expressing concepts through pictograms on walls to coming together in the marketplace. Fast forward through history and along come postal systems, printing presses, typewriters, telegraphs, radio, telephones, television. And then computers, networks, the Internet, the Web, mobile networks, TelePresence.

Each innovation brings with it new connections, new ways to collaborate and communicate. History inspires us and puts things into meaningful perspective. History reminds me of how we’ve empowered ourselves with tools to create a universe of collaborative activities and connections.

The connected world is here. We’ve come a long way in the journey, and we have the opportunity to connect people, processes, data, and things like never before.

We’ve reached a junction in our journey: New ways of bringing people together with everything, quite literally, will allow us to solve hard problems as they happen, anywhere, anytime.

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  1. Great read. We have evolved over the past several decades in our means of communication, value of communication and progress. “The internet of Everything” will change many process, structures and bring about new ways and powerful tools to learn, teach and connect. I do beleive that the connected world is already here, yet we will keep evolving and improving day by day.

  2. It is difficult to fathom the possibilities that the “Internet of Everything” holds. All the intelligent connections between people, processes, data, and things will facilitate real-time collaboration on a scale never before realized. This “grand scale” of collaboration will accelerate the creation and evolution of knowledge and, perhaps, the evolution of mankind, as well.