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The Next Top Model

March 9, 2009 - 3 Comments

This morning, the news came in that Cisco TelePresence will be part of a Heidi Klum venture. The popular German TV show “Next Top Model” has a segment running next month with a contestant in LA talking to family back home in Hamburg. This “seminal event” got me thinking about how fast this market has blossomed. In just over two scant years TelePresence has gone from a corporate meeting tool to something else entirely. TelePresence has started all sorts of people thinking about new ways to collaborate and communicate. For example, singer Stubby (“The club all smash” is his hit single) used the public Cisco TelePresence Suites a few months ago for a music video shoot, and he’s now thinking about how he could use the technology as he tours and makes music. Not just for staying in touch with colleagues and family while on the road, but how he could use it for music production. Now, that’s a new way of thinking about collaboration technology.Other signs: NBA stars Shane Battier and Yao Ming used Cisco TelePresence for NBA China interviews from their home towns. The NHL uses it at hockey games for in-person interactions between fans, stars and sportscasters. How fun is that to be face to face with some of hockey’s greats? The TED conference this year connected two conference venues with TelePresence. I saw photos of attendees playing guitar songs together across the network. CNN, CCTV, and the Discovery Channel have all used or featured Cisco TelePresence. More signs: Al Gore used it from Nashville last March to talk to the VoiceCon audience in Orlando, London, San Jose, Dubai, and Warsaw about the use of technology in creating effective organizational green strategies. The press who got to participate from Warsaw literally sat across the table from Mr. Gore. Talk about front row seating!Arnold Schwartzenegger, Guns n’ Roses’ Slash (more guitar-playing), Tony Blair, author Don Tapscott, and George Bush. Cisco TelePresence has appeared in TV shows like CSI; NY and “24”. Of course, big global companies like Procter & Gamble, GE, WalMart, HSBC, McKesson. The biggest telecommunications companies in the world: AT&T, BT, Tata, Telefonica, Telia Sonera and dozens of others. Organizations of all sizes like Autodesk, Staples, Posco, Taj Hotels, EMC, Applied Materials, and governments worldwide from Australia to Turkey. And universities like NC State, UCLA, MIT, UCSD, Purdue, and Georgia Tech. On a personal note, I know Cisco TelePresence has really hit the mainstream now that my mom uses it. She happens to work at NC State, and because they have intercompany Cisco TelePresence, she can call me in my office anytime she wants (and promised to use that opportunity responsibly…)And the ultimate sign that TelePresence has hit the mainstream: cartoon Dilbert featured it a few Sundays ago. In fact, Dilbert is designing clothes for use on Cisco TelePresence (who needs pants?)So with music stars, Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, companies, governments, Dilbert and my mom all using Cisco TelePresence, what’s next?Well, stay tuned… by Erica Schroeder, director of market management, Cisco.

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  1. I too would like information on the contest! Thank you.

  2. I missed your TelePresence contest, what would be your suggestion for submitting an idea to use TelePresence as a tool for my business?Respectfully,Clyde Evans, Jr.Founder/ Artistic DirectorChosen Dance Company,

  3. I'm trying to upload an entry to the Cisco TelePresence video contest and it keeps failing. Sorry to post a comment here, but I couldn't find a contact email address on the video site.I successfully uploaded one video (it said it uploaded successfully but it hasn't yet appeared - waiting approval I assume). Following the same procedure with the same file format (.mov) and smaller size, it appears to be working and counts down for the upload time about an hour getting down to 39 seconds only to end with a fail to upload message:(Sorry your video was not successfully uploaded. Please check your submission to ensure it meets the video requirements of this contest. Please try again."")I've tried it 3 times. I've spent a great deal of time creating the video and there's not much time left to enter -- can you help me? The video is 1:11 in length, 53.7MB in size and .mov format.Thanks,David Knight"