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The Apple iPhone 2.0

With the recent introduction of the Apple iPhone 2.0, 35% of Fortune 500 companies have gratified Apple iPhone fans and signed up for the Apple iPhone 2.0 beta. The fact that Apple is now supporting enterprise-class security features such as Cisco IPSec VPN and WPA2/802.11x makes the business case for the iPhone even more compelling for companies with mobile workforces.Cisco’s vision for unified communications is to bring rich, compelling, and collaborative interactions to every workspace – independent of preferred device, operating system, or location. With that vision, we are excited about iPhone 2.0 for a couple of reasons. First, our goal is to extend a superior unified communications experience to as many business applications and devices as possible. In addition, through our open interfaces, provide our customers and partners with the ability to integrate Cisco Unified Communications with an even greater number of platforms and devices critical to their businesses. Since the iPhone seems destined to be a popular device, we are eager to provide our customers and partners with the most compelling unified communications experience possible on it. Second, as we have worked with the iPhone, we have gotten very excited by its programming capabilities. The robust operating system, powerful hardware, and great programming tools allow us to consider some exciting applications and experiences for the iPhone.Over the next year or so, I look forward to bringing a series of user experiences to our customers that combine Cisco’s open, unified communications solution with many of the devices people use including the iPhone. Our engineers are already demonstrating some compelling applications. I can’t wait to use Joe Burton, chief technology officer of Cisco’s voice technology group

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  1. What’s the killer app for the mobile phone? Making calls, of course!See the Jobs 2007 Macworld iPhone demo part 4:

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