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Telecommuting Made Easy

Thinking a bout the possibility of a BART strike, I got to thinking about telecommuting and other flexible work situations. I am a full time telecommuter, as are several of my colleagues. For example, a salesperson must be very flexible, and be able to work in a hotel room, at an airport terminal, sometimes even in the car (not while driving, hopefully). There are many job situations in which workers need or simply want to work remotely, saving travel time and costs, or to be able to meet with the right people at a time that works for them.There are great tools that make this possible and help to keep a workforce very productive and positive In fact, a recent study finds telecommuting significantly increases employee productivity, work-life flexibility and job satisfaction. Cisco WebEx online meetings offer mobile workers, or workers affected by “one-off” situations such as a transportation strike or an ill childcare worker, a way to attend meetings just as though they were in the office in person. From my home office, for example, I can log on to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center to attend a meeting that I previously set up or one that someone has invited me to. I can see other meeting attendees via video and they can see me. There is a live chat window where I can ask a question without disrupting the conversation or share an appropritate link with meeting participants. I can share my desktop or a presentation with my colleagues or with a reporter if I want to add a visual component. So, if you find yourself in a “work from home” mode for any reason, whether it’s a transportation strike, the need to meet with people in a different time zone, or if you just want to keep your environmental footprint small, try WebEx for a few days, for free. It’s easy, and very effective. by LeAnne Schrotzberger, public relations manager, Cisco Corporate Communications

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