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Suspicious Emails to WebEx Customers

October 11, 2012 - 0 Comments

A handful of WebEx customers have reported receiving a suspicious email message with the subject line “Important – Please read regarding this afternoon’s Webex” or “Thank you for scheduling a payment to Bill Me Later”. We have reviewed the messages and confirmed that these emails were not sent by Cisco. Included below is an example of the message – WebEx does not send this type of email with embedded links to customers referencing individual meetings or 3rd party billing.

Example Text: Your site administrator requested this message for you. We had issues this morning with our WebEx and, therefore, Please accept the new invitation. This invitation has the Conference ID #35189133. Sorry for any confusion. Join Click the button to accept the invitation or follow the link bellow: [URL REDACTED] If you still need assistance, contact your site administrator at [URL REDACTED]

We suspect these messages are a phishing attempt, sent by unknown parties with the hope that people will click on the links and download malicious software. Based on the examples we’ve seen, clicking on the links could download the botnet Zbot/Zeus – a program designed to steal user information. If you have received one of these emails and clicked on a link, we recommend conducting a full scan of your computer or device immediately. To protect against harm to your computer, we recommend the following actions: • Contact your IT team immediately, inform them of this message and follow their advice, • Delete the message from your inbox and your deleted items folder, and • Ensure your security software is up-to-date and complete a full scan. Unfortunately phishing attempts are reasonably common, but you can learn more about how to recognize and avoid them at Although phishing messages may look very official, but don’t be fooled. A good rule of thumb is to never click on an unfamiliar link or divulge personal financial information as a result of a suspicious email. Any WebEx customers with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Technical Support at +1 (866) 229-3239 or the appropriate number for your region: We would also like to thank those customers who brought this topic to our attention.

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