Summary: A Balanced Approach to Mobile Security

January 24, 2014 - 2 Comments

For the benefits of collaboration to be better realized, IT leaders must take a balanced and strategic approach to mobile security that focuses more on protecting the network and proprietary data and less on implementing overly broad restrictions.

Gartner recently made three interesting predictions about mobility in the workplace. And while each of these predictions are compelling – they only offer one-side of the story and the solution:

  1. Twenty percent of BYOD projects will fail by 2016 due to IT’s “heavy hand.”
  2. Strict mobility policies will drive employees to want to isolate personal data from business data.
  3. Mobile browsers will gain market share for app delivery for multiple platforms, and the role of HTML5 in solving issues that arise with the multiple platform problem.

Instead, IT leaders should encourage employees to use secure solutions on devices connected to the network. Managing belief and behaviors of users and deploying a flexible infrastructure that can support an open BYOD policy and mitigate advanced security threats, can have tremendous impact on creating an immersive collaborative environment.

Learn more about how Gartner’s mobility and security predictions can affect the future of collaboration by reading the full blog: A Balanced Approach to Mobile Security.

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  1. I learned about the Cisco Estore from the Gartnet’s blog. It mentions that “It is an essential part of our overall mobility strategy and one of the ways that we ensure employees are using secure, supported solutions”.

    So does it actually list out the apps which are trusted by Cisco and only those should be used. How successful is this Cisco esotre ?
    Is it available to non ciso people as well?

    • Hi Nina,
      Cisco eStore is actually an internal name for a combination of Cisco technologies. We’ve been running it for over a year and it has been quite successful. The store houses a curated selection of mobile apps and IT services that Cisco IT recommends to our internal employees.

      In terms of availability, the good news is that you can buy the components we used in building the store and deploy them within your organization.

      Cisco Prime Service Catalog is the front end catalog and subscription management engine.

      Cisco Process Orchestrator is the automation engine that orchestrates a wide variety of data center, collaboration, and networking configurations.

      Feel free to tweet me – @bbelding – for more information.