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Social Media & Collaboration with Tod Famous @ Cisco

April 20, 2010 - 7 Comments

Last month, while at VoiceCon Orlando, one of the premier collaboration conferences, I saw the most amazing demo showing how companies can more effectively reach their customers that are on sites like Twitter and Facebook. While over in Cisco’s Building 30 and with my trusty Flip minoHD camcorder in hand, I filmed our customer collaboration guru Tod Famous as he walked me through how this new technology can help financial services’ companies’ employees better reach their clients.

View the video and let me know what you think.

Tod is a Product Manager focused on customer collaboration solutions. He manages the enterprise contact center product management team within the customer contact business unit.

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  1. Thanks Mikael,It’s clear this is an emerging area. I talk to plenty of large businesses who are in early stage participation. I wouldn’t confuse participation with effective strategy and execution. Most participation at this point is still experimental””.I did a CRMXchange webinar earlier this year called “”Five Steps to Getting Started With Social Media in the Contact Center”” that was an attempt to address your point around the “”mystic aura”” . I agree there are plenty of folks that don’t know a @mention from a RT. I do think they need to start learning the lingo.A link to a recording of that webinar is here: do think there are plenty of SMB’s that are taking advantage of social media. Here’s a great story of an SMB, a restaurant in Milwaukee, using social media. In this case Foursquare and Twitter: else can you create a flash mob of 150 restaurant guests with zero advertising spend?”

  2. This could be a powerful IPCC application on the outbound side as well. Association of contact databases with other ID info from Twitter, Facebook, etc., would allow the end-uer to opt-in”” for breaking news or other content of interest to them.Such associations would be totally voluntary – and add to the spirit of collaboration vs. privacy concerns re: social network monitoring.”

  3. Great post. Social media is increasingly entering the business sphere, but what surprises me most is that while large businesses and/or corporations are fully embracing it, SMBs still struggle to see the ROI over a classic yellow pages and local newspaper marketing campaign. When I talk to my clients about Twitter it still seems to have this mystic aura around it, with all this #, @ and RT tags. I am talking specifically about middle-aged clients from ethnic minorities in the UK: will Twitter marketing and communication ever reach these groups?For financial news on the UK I would recommend @financialuk which can be viewed here:,Mikael.

  4. I know of local companies whom are on Facebook all day to keep updated on events being posted in real time. This is usually in the sales or PR department. Great idea though the news feed system on Facebook.

  5. Hi Kate,Yes, we looking to support any public social networking site with our solution.You are correct, if the user had restricted access to the information on the social media site, then the enterprise would not be able to access so our focus is on publicly available information. We may also venture into scenarios with secure authorized access, but that presents some technical and policy issues. For example, most social networking sites let users control access by individual but they lack the concept of granting access to a business, although I suspect that will evolve as these use cases emerge and the social media platforms advance to enable commerce.We do plan to provide filtering. There are a few technologies for this and we are pursuing one for our early customer trials. We may add others over time. There are also a slew of companies and academics investing in this area of finding the
    eedle in the haystack”” as far as identifying relevant posts. We may leverage some of that technology through partnerships. Our focus will be on the workflow and the enterprise user experience as we see this integrating into other customer care and contact center technology.We haven’t announced a specific product yet, so I can’t disclose release date. I can say we have development underway and we’ll have customers trialing parts of this solution in the next few months.”

  6. Hi Doron,If I’m not mistaken, it looks like you taped this video of Tod Famous in a Cisco TelePresence Conference Room, am I correct?AUTHOR REPLY:Yes, that is correct. It was recorded in a Cisco conference room that also has a TelePresence System 3000 system.

  7. Looks great, I assume that this will extend to Facebook and Twitter? I few questions though:I assume that if you restrict your profile for privacy on social media sites, that the user of this new product would need to be authorised by the enduser to have access?Will this be contextual? Many postings on social media have little commercial use, will there be some kind of contextual filter?When is the target release and the project codename?Cheers, Kate