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Sharing is Caring Using Cisco Collaboration

- November 17, 2009 - 1 Comment

By Terry Bayer, Chief Operating Officer at Molina Health Care.

Molina Healthcare is a managed care organization that arranges the delivery of healthcare services to people who are eligible for Medicaid. With 1.4 million members in 10 states and 2,700 employees throughout the United States, people are the main focus on our business. Collaborating both internally and externally is critical to our success.

In our business, we’re acutely focused on managing care for our members but also managing our administrative costs. That’s where the importance of collaboration comes into play. It’s very important that we leverage technology to help reduce the cost of direct care delivery and administrative services. As we have grown, we have worked with Cisco to build upon our current technology and maximize long term ROI.

Our old communications solution was a headache. Having a separate phone system along with a separate switchboard with completely different identities in each of our remote offices made communications difficult. Coordinating communication across the enterprise using phones and email was limiting and we tried to overcome this by physically bringing people together. However, in-person meetings put a strain on our limited resources.

Since implementing Cisco Unified Contact Enterprise with Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal we have shifted 20 percent of contact calls to self service, without this we would have had to increase our staffing levels. Through the deployment of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator we have the ability to share desktops, adding a visual element to distance communication. The speed at which we can respond to challenges and the ability to share information has increased our productivity. For example, when solving a customer problem in Ohio, we are able to share the solution with the rest of the team along with the dialogue in real time, take questions and get clarification, making it a much more meaningful exchange than a simple phone call would have been.

After experiencing TelePresence at the Cisco office, we installed 40 units throughout the company in a 60 day time period. We now have fewer meetings, reducing meetings by approximately 50 percent, as the face-to-face interaction infuses the team with energy. In addition, we’ve reduced our travel costs and are now on target for a 10% reduction annually. Looking forward, we also see tremendous potential in products, such as HealthPresence that can play a critical role within our industry. This combines state-of-the-art video, audio and medical information so that a remote specialist can examine a patient. Soon we will be able to bring a physician to the patient regardless of the access in their local community.

Whether our offices are 3,000 or seven miles apart, we can minimize the negative impact of travel between those locations through the use of Cisco collaboration tools. Our aim is to provide quality healthcare in a cost-effective way to people that would otherwise not have it, Cisco helps us achieve this.

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  1. Sir,bringing cost effective ways with quality always helps business to grow. Though we don't have much branches (where I'm employed right now) I think while bringing new services this method will help to reduce the cost without reducing the quality. We may adopt this once our directory (Online Business Directory) heads up to a new level.Thanks for the post.Regards, Flek."