People Development Team in the UK Works Smarter with WebEx

Good business people are always looking for smart ways to enhance their business while getting back valuable time for their personal life.

People Development Team (PDT) in the United Kingdom has found an answer. It is using WebEx to transform how it delivers global development training ranging from management development to leadership, culture change and Unconscious Bias Inclusion training.

With rising fuel costs, travel costs are skyrocketing.

PDT holds regular external workshops often requiring participants to fly in from other countries when client teams are located globally. Unsurprisingly this was expensive and time-consuming. So PDT looked for a better way of running sessions while retaining the interactivity necessary for learning.

They chose WebEx Training Center as their solution. As one of PDT’s WebEx producers explains, “WebEx allows us to bring together people from anywhere in the world but without clients having to pay for travel – it gives us a great competitive advantage.”

High quality video with Active Speaker adds intimacy.

“We can still hold break out sessions in small groups away from the trainer, which is extremely valuable and leads to a greater level of discussion afterwards,” he added. “Also, having web cams means more feeling can to be demonstrated and it gives the session texture. WebEx can even tell us when someone isn’t paying attention!” (Click here to learn about the new video features in Training Center.)

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  1. Great solution it´s the next step into the future. In 10 years we don´t work from the office.

  2. I think it’s great solution. I’d like to try use WebEx.

  3. This is good solution. We are trying to use similar tools in Poland.

  4. This looks really cool apart form “tell us when someone isn’t paying attention!” 🙂

    I use to work for a large multi national and loved being able to attend meetings from home!