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Overcoming Barriers to Effective Collaboration

October 9, 2009 - 0 Comments

Most companies have barriers within functions and across functions, for example a sales person wanting to collaborate efficiently with another sales person or a sales person collaborating effectively with purchasing and R&D. The situation is further complicated in a world where companies operate globally and have to work across different cultures, languages and time zones. Finally, more and more companies are recognising the advantages of being able to collaborate with external partners and suppliers.

Without a willingness to change the fundamental processes and culture and a flexible underlying infrastructure, organisations risk remaining captive to their legacy environments, forever held back by what’s gone before. As organisations assess their operations as a result of the recent downturn, there is an opportunity to make significant changes that will deliver cost saving in the short term but position the company for unprecedented growth in the future.

By Tim Stone, Cisco Business Development Manager

Technology is central to this change and the CIO’s involvement in strategic company decisions, working closely with the CEO and CFO, will be essential if companies are to transform themselves successfully. IT has never been more important in helping organisations meet the challenges of today’s economic climate and emerge with a new more competitive business model.

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