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Health Education Center Fulfills Mandate to Find a Solution That Works

Patient experience is a priority for Mountain Area Health Education Center. In fact, patient experience is a priority for many health organizations and is rated a highly important factor for patients when choosing a doctor.*

That is why Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) switched from Zoom to Cisco. MAHEC understood that internal and external communication are important when it comes to being a successful healthcare provider, so they took action to improve their collaboration tools. Learn more about how Cisco’s technology helps MAHEC improve communication and quality of care.

Now, let’s look at MAHEC’s journey before using Cisco and how their operations improved after adopting Cisco’s collaboration technology.

Before Using Cisco

MAHEC was struggling to find a tool to enable easy communication among employees and with patients. Meetings were failing and taking too much time and the existing platform was not user-friendly.  They needed to find a solution with a great user experience that could fulfill the needs of everyone, from the CEO to medical personnel and support staff.

“We were using Zoom as our collaboration solution and it was taking three to five minutes to start every meeting. The doctors were frustrated. We were wasting their time. If we’re in a meeting for an extra five minutes that’s one patient we’ve lost for the day, “says Chris Jury, MAHEC IT Operations Manager.

Before MAHEC started using Cisco, their communication was struggling. So… they zoomed in and saw Cisco was the solution they needed.

After Switching to Cisco

MAHEC selected Cisco to keep their data secure and their communication flowing. Joining meetings became much easier and everyone inside and outside of the organization was able to quickly adapt.

“We switched to Webex. Webex is just a much simpler experience,” explains Chris Jury, MAHEC Director of IT

Cisco helped the Mountain Area Health Education Center implement the meeting platform they were looking for. Now doctors and health care professionals can simply push one button and join a Webex Meeting. They can meet with their patients wherever they are, and consulting with colleagues no longer takes extensive amounts of time. They can quickly set up a call, share documents and chat when necessary.

Cisco allows them to spend more time on the important stuff and less time worrying about how the technology works. Learn more and get your business, organization, group or team connected securely with a full-featured Webex trial.

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