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More Meeting Effectiveness Ideas

April 8, 2008 - 0 Comments

NPR’s Day to Day has an interesting, short interview on managing effective meetings. The interview with Steven Rogelberg Ph. D., Professor and Director, Organizational Science, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, discusses some recent research he conducted on people’s attitudes toward meetings. The revelation isn’t that most people don’t like meetings. Rather, the interview has some great nuggets for fostering a good meeting culture. These ideas apply equally to web meetings and in-person meetings. First and foremost, organizations should involve HR in teaching people how to run effective meetings as well as provide feedback on the way an individual runs his or her meetings. Next, reign in the habit of inviting excessive numbers of attendees. Limiting attendance increases the effectiveness for participants. While it can be beneficial to invite a broad group, organizations should make it acceptable for team members to decline or sit out of meetings when appropriate. On an individual level, structure the agenda to discuss critical strategic initiatives first and save general announcements for last. This post has some additional pointers and links to resources on conducting an effective meeting. Michael Caton, Collaboration Evangelist, WebEx

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