Keeping Customer Experience Top of Mind

Last month I shared some exciting new capabilities with Webex Contact Center, our award-winning contact center as a service (CCaaS) for small and large contact centers.

This month, we’re introducing enhancements to Webex Experience Management, our cloud-based AI/ML powered experience management solution, that helps businesses understand their customer journeys across all touchpoints in the organization, so they can make improvements resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower churn.

With most interactions between consumers and business happening online these days, customer experience has taken on a new meaning. American management consulting firm McKinsey, concluded that “A company’s competitive edge lies in seeing the world through the customer’s eyes.” Listening to our customers is critical, but taking action on what they’re telling us is even more important. This month’s enhancements are focused on helping our customers accomplish these goals.

Here’s What’s New

Webex Experience Management Integrated with Webex Teams

We’ve made it easier for you to receive real-time notifications when your customers give you survey feedback, so that you can quickly follow-up and “close the loop” with your customers. How? By integrating Webex Experience Management with Webex Teams. You can already set alert notifications to email, SMS and a lot more, and with the new Webex Teams integration, you can automatically receive a Teams message whenever there is nuance such as a bad customer review.

You can also use the Webex Teams integration to notify teams who should be alerted for specific reasons such as a positive review, or an important comment such as the customer is interested in learning more about a product. This improves cross-company collaboration and allows individuals and teams to quickly address the issue and turn it into an opportunity to increase revenues and improve KPIs such as CSAT and NPS.

Full Omni-Channel Webex Experience Management

We’ve enhanced your ability to understand your customers’ experiences after they’ve interacted with your company, by introducing more channel options to deliver surveys to your customers.

Today, you can survey your customers in real-time via IVR, and using a drip dispatch approach on SMS and email after a voice call. You can set post-call surveys based on target audience and business and transaction nuances. In our latest release, we have added more channels for inbound and outbound. Now you can also survey customers on web chat and email signature using drip dispatch after a chat or email interaction, in addition to voice. Adding more channel options maximizes survey response rates and contextual feedback and improves your ability to learn more about your customers’ needs, likes and dislikes.

We’ve also introduced more channels when Webex Experience Management is integrated at the contact center agent desktop. Agents now have visibility into customer sentiment and past journey experiences on chat and email interactions, in addition to voice interactions with the customer. This enables the contact center to truly understand how the customer is feeling and be able to personalize their interaction with the customer even further.

These new Webex Experience Management capabilities are currently available to customers who use Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise and Unified Contact Center Enterprise.

Full omni-channel Webex XM
Customer Experience Journey on Agent Desktop

Stereo Recording with Webex Contact Center  

Webex Contact Center now supports stereo recording for agent-customer conversations, making it possible to clearly distinguish who is speaking and apply sophisticated voice analytics for customer sentiment detection and agent coaching, to improve customer experiences.  This new capability can be leveraged by call recording and workforce optimization solutions used by the contact center.

New Data Centers for Canada Provide Secure in-Country Data Residency

We’ve expanded data residency options for Webex Contact Center and Webex Calling in Canada. For Canadian customers, this means that configuration data, call data records, call recordings, and reporting data can all be stored and maintained securely within their region – which is particularly critical for stringent Canadian data privacy regulations.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for next month’s blog where I will be highlighting new features that improve contact center compliance, resiliency, and administration.

To learn more about Webex Experience Management read our ebook. To learn more about Cisco cloud contact center solutions, visit our website.

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