Minding your WebEx Ps and Qs: Tips for How to Get the Most Out of Web Meetings

November 10, 2011 - 1 Comment

How many meetings have you spent being distracted by characters such as the heavy breather, the distracted driver or the hold music culprit? Web meetings can be a really productive way to stay in touch and work together with your colleagues and clients but there are many considerations to keep in mind to make sure you’re not a meeting offender. We pulled together a short video with some pointers to remind us all of the standard WebEx etiquette.

5 WebEx Etiquette Tips

1.      Look your best: WebEx is the ideal place to hone what we like to call your “business mullet”: business up top, party below the camera. If you keep things professional (read: no bathrobes or Hawaiian shirts), you can feel free to wear your sweats and slippers when not in view. Just remember to turn your camera off before you stand up or else be ready for the onslaught of office hazing. (see this in the video at :32)

2.      Know when to share video: Many computers and mobile devices now offer built-in cameras, which are a great way to connect with the people you meet with… but not every situation is the same. Use common sense – keep your camera off while you’re driving or in a chaotic environment such as the airport that will be distracting for others involved. Put it on when you want to have a more natural conversation or show product details and examples.  (see this tip in the video at :54)

3.      Keep your microphone muted: You can’t always control when your doorbell will ring, when the car behind you honks or when your neighbor’s dog will go after the mailman. When in doubt, keep your line muted (either on your phone or by manually muting yourself on WebEx). If you’re the meeting host, you also have the power to mute people manually so you don’t waste precious time asking the heavy breather to tone it down.

4.      Consider your background: While WebEx gives you the ability to take your meetings anywhere with an Internet connection, not every environment is optimal. Try to keep your camera focused so your face and the upper third of your torso are the main focus. When possible, avoid taking meetings with the beach in the background, lest you make the other people in the meeting jealous. (see this tip in the video at 1:25)

5.      Know when to share an application vs. sharing your desktop: Sharing files from your computer is a great way to make a meeting more productive and interactive. However, it’s also an easy way to reveal your Google habits. If you share your desktop instead of an application, you might also be inadvertently sharing incoming instant messages from friends discussing happy hour plans.

We’d love to hear other suggestions for how to improve the meeting experience. Share your meeting tips in the comments section below or directly at http://newsroom.cisco.com/webextips. We’ll compile our favorites and share in another post. We’ll be tweeting out tips all week from the Cisco Collaboration Summit in Miami, where we’ll also share some exciting product news. Follow @CiscoCollab and @WebEx for more details.

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  1. We’d love to hear other suggestions for how to improve the meeting experience. Share your meeting tips in the comments section here or http://newsroom/cisco.com/webextips