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Meet the “Collaboration Generation”

May 30, 2012 - 2 Comments

There are seismic shifts taking place in our increasingly connected society. Mobile phones and devices aren’t just for staying in touch—they’re instruments of commerce, learning and entertainment. Social networking sites are creating communities of interest around any topic you can imagine—and whatever you’re into, there’s an app for that. Video is everywhere. Not just in the board room and on the desktop but the office lobby, the medical center, the sports arena, even the bottom on the ocean. And perhaps most importantly, we’re seeing the emergence of a new breed of worker.

It’s what I call the Collaboration Generation.

Below is a short excerpt on this fascinating generation from a keynote I gave at the Collaboration Summit in Mexico City in March. Is your company ready to embrace this new demographic? Are you creating a work environment that will attract and retain them? And are you creating products and services that capture their imagination?

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  1. The statistics mentioned in the video are a good reminder to think young. My kindergartener brought my iPad to school a few days ago. It was ocean week, and he had a “build your own ocean” app. that he wanted to share with his teacher and classmates. Their school experience is already dramatically different from ours. What kind of collaboration environment will they expect when they join the workforce?

    • Hi Silvia,

      It’s amazing to see the generational cultures change so quickly. My kids are young adults, and even since they were in grade school, the idea of how we work has evolved beyond what any of us could have imagined even a decade ago. I don’t think any of us really know what the workplace will look like by the time your kinder child is in the workforce, but I suspect that the culture and process of collaboration will likely be more innate with that generation where we don’t even have to talk about. With the speed of technological change we’re seeing, the possibilities are limitless.