Managing the Cultural Shift of Technology with Cisco Quad

June 23, 2011 - 0 Comments

Guest post from Hans Hwang, the Vice President of Collaboration within Cisco Advanced Services. He is responsible for driving services strategy for unified communications, emerging technologies, video, and social software.

Some of the greatest technology innovations, such as holographic displays and supersonic flights, have come and gone with barely a whimper. These innovations were unsuccessful not because they were lacking in brilliance, but because they failed to gain mass adoption.

On the other hand, communication and collaboration tools are great examples of technologies that have mass appeal and staying power.

Think about it. How many of us use some type of collaboration tool in our everyday lives? Whether it’s group texting with your friends to plan a surprise party, or video chatting with a relative to plan a visit — communication and collaboration tools have fundamentally changed the way people interact.

Collaboration technologies are unique in their potential to touch every aspect of a business.

We’re seeing a similar shift in the way companies are communicating and sharing information with employees, partners and customers. With advanced collaboration technologies, like videoconferencing and enterprise social software, companies are rethinking the way they have traditionally done business.  For instance, employees are no longer tied to their desk or required to sit in a conference room to do their jobs.

Collaboration technologies are unique in their potential to touch every aspect of a business. It can be the catalyst to evolving the way a business operates; changing the way employees interact; and ultimately shaping a company’s culture.

But as companies look to integrate communication and collaboration technologies into their businesses, they need to think about the best way to do so. They need an approach that looks at the planning, implementation and the adoption of these technologies.

That’s why Cisco has introduced new change management and adoption services — allowing customers to get the best out of their collaborative technologies, while minimizing the disruptive impact of change to employees, partners and customers. These services were designed to help with the adoption of Cisco’s enterprise collaboration platform (Cisco Quad) and handle everything from assessment, planning, strategy and governance, marketing communications to training.

The collaborative work environment has changed and simple plug-ins to your networks to handle complex collaboration projects just won’t do. Without a holistic approach, your collaborative project risks stalling – or even worse, failing!

For details about this week’s Cisco Quad announcements at Enterprise 2.0, and more about change management and adoption services, click here.

Curious about how can you get the most from your collaboration projects?  Read “Enterprise Social Software: A Comprehensive Approach to Collaboration,” or attend a live Cisco Interactive Technology Workshop webcast to learn strategies and best practices for your Collaboration or Enterprise Social Software project.

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