Live from Mt Everest Base Camp: The High Altitude Has Consequences

April 25, 2011 - 0 Comments

Brian's home away from home: Base Camp.

On May 4, we are planning to talk with Brian Dickinson, our friend and Cisco engineer, from Mt Everest’s Base Camp at 17,500’. Click here to register now for that free WebEx event. In the meantime, we are following his journey there and back. He’s recovered from a short health challenge and forging ahead. All photos are courtesy of Brian Dickinson.

Brian arrived at Base Camp in early April with a cold. He felt terrible. As time passed, he realized he wasn’t feeling much better. The outside temperature was eighty degrees and he sat in his tent trying to sweat out the virus. All the while, his head wouldn’t stop hurting.

“My massive headaches were almost too much to bear.”

He talked with his wife, JoAnna and she mentioned his forehead looked swollen in some recent pictures he had posted on Facebook. He’s conclusion: this could be serious, the headaches could indicated HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) which means fluid in the brain is increasing and can cause coma and death. Taking no chances, he moved back down the mountain to a lower elevation and immediately started feeling better. But it was still a tough experience:

“… at this point I am a bit frustrated. It’s not fair that less physically fit and less driven people are in a better position to climb the highest peak on earth. With something like HACE there’s nothing I can do from a physiological standpoint.”
– excerpted from Brian’s blog on; click the links for the complete entries.

Since then, Brian has returned to Base Camp and has made it as far as Camp II, which is at 21,500 feet and a required step for the acclimatization process required to make the final climb up Mt Everest. This week and weekend, he’ll get to Camp III and then back down to Base Camp ready for our talk on May 4.

Join Brian at Base Camp via WebEx on May 4. Click Here to Register.

On May 4, we plan to talk with Brian about all his experiences before he begins the final climb to the summit of Mt Everest. From his disappointments to his victories, we’ll hear what’s been going on while he’s been preparing. You can ask him your questions during the event because it will be live. If you miss the live event, we’ll be recording it so you can listen later. Register now!

The Khumbu Ice Fall - treacherous and thrilling.

Brian at Camp I.

In late March, we met Brian Dickinson via WebEx before he left for his Mt Everest climb. In that session, we learned about Brian, his Navy background, his passion for extreme sports and his desire to climb The Seven Summits.

While pursuing his incredible goal, Brian turned his journey into a cause to raise money for AIDS Research and to connect with the children at orphanages in the countries he visits. Click here to watch “Before the Climb” with Brian Dickinson.

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