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Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Some Things Are Better Together

Collaboration is an inherently social concept. It’s about people and connection. It’s about communicating, working together, interacting to meet goals, accomplishing tasks, innovating, and creating. Just as people have unique personalities, so do the ways they collaborate for business, whether 1:1 or in groups, in structured meetings or hallway conversations, sitting at desks or on park benches, in real-time conversations or long-term interactions.

As technology evolves and geography becomes less relevant to connecting with others, the options for how we collaborate multiply. And multiply again.  But technology itself is an enabler of collaboration, the value is in the connections that people make – with each other, information, and ideas.

Finding ways to improve the connections between people and the information they need to share is critical to improving business. From our perspective we want the technology to disappear; providing the ability for people to interact in the ways they interact best, wherever they are.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”―Helen Keller

We see great value in providing social solutions to our customers. Bringing together social networking with communications technology provides people with the means to collaborate and gives them flexibility to do the best work they can. Like Helen Keller, we believe people working together can achieve extraordinary things. We believe the same is true of companies.

Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways to integrate social solutions into their collaboration tools and business processes. Throughout the past decade, Cisco has continued to weave social into the fabric of our own collaboration portfolio.  At the same time, we continuously looked for opportunities to collaborate with other companies to integrate new technologies and improve what we can offer our customers – bringing the best of the best together to provide our customers with the ideal solution to fit their business needs.

Today I am happy to announce that we are entering a relationship with Jive Software
to deliver the best in enterprise social collaboration to our customers. By combining Jive’s enterprise collaboration platform with WebEx and Jabber, we can bring together the elements that help organizations deploy an integrated, seamless experience for their employees, customers, and partners.

What really gets me excited about the Jive and Cisco integration is that we are bringing two leading collaboration and communications technology solutions together and delivering them in a single experience for our customers – one place for employees to communicate and collaborate, one place for customers communities to foster and broaden support, and one place for partners to drive business outcomes.  Together, we are helping our customers easily go between their real-time conversations, like instant messages, videoconferences and online meetings, with the more persistent social conversations, like blogs, discussions, wikis, posts and online groups.

Elisa Steele, CMO at Jive and long time friend, had a great blog post a few weeks back that discusses a shift to the new way that people want to work; a shared belief between our two companies.  She said, “living this workstyle is no longer optional — it’s a business imperative to compete effectively … it integrates all the ways people work as a team to accomplish the great things they could not have otherwise achieved.”

We’re also announcing the end-of-sale of WebEx Social today. As the market for enterprise social software continues to develop, we’re seeing the market consolidate around key vendors. To provide the best flexibility and outcomes for our customers, we’re expanding our focus to work with these vendors’ products and to provide native integration with products in our collaboration portfolio. Rather than emphasize social within one product, we’re making sure it’s an integral part of all our products.

In addition, Cisco Services is expanding our Collaboration Services to plan and build social software deployments that integrate with our customers’ Cisco Collaboration systems, to deliver a seamless user experience and drive adoption. Cisco Services also offers migration services to help existing WebEx Social customers move to Jive. It’s all about helping people connect and collaborate with others, in the ways that work best for them.

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too)
those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively
have prevailed.” ― Charles Darwin

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  1. Hi Peder,

    With regard to your headline:

    “Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Some Things Are Better Together”

    My grandfather, H.B. Reese, invented Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in 1928. According to Advertising Age and Euromonitor International, Reese’s was the #1 candy brand in the United States with 2012 sales of $2.603 BILLION.

    Globally, Reese’s was ranked #4 with just $76 million of its 2012 global sales of $2.679 BILLION made OUTSIDE of the United States.


    Brad Reese

  2. I have read couple of statements like below on Jive strategic partnership with Cisco.
    1.Cisco and its partner network will now resell Jive solutions as a fully integrated component of the Cisco collaboration family. Additionally, Cisco and Jive will conduct joint product engineering to deliver further innovations and integration on the solution.
    2. New Offer Provides Cisco Customers Worldwide Seamless Experience with Jive’s Market-leading Enterprise Collaboration and Community Solution

    But I have not seen that mentioned anything over here,Does Cisco and partner going to jointly develop and sell Jive solutions apart from integration?

    • Thanks for the comment. Let me see if I can clarify a couple of things per your question.

      Cisco and Jive are committed to solving customer problems and working together to provide a single, integrated point of access/control/experience for customer deployments of our real time communications suite and the Jive social collaboration suite. Since many customers are unique in how they deploy/consume these technologies, much of the joint work happens together with the customer through our Advanced Services team and Advanced Services partners.

      There is some existing integration that already happens at a base level delivered through out engagement with Esna – their cloudlink technology helps deliver integration across a number of partners including Jive as well as Google, which we announced in March.

      Hope this answers your question

  3. Cisco keeps buying all kind of stuff in attempt to compete with Lync, but Lync is going fast because it is really great product. Cisco software was always clumsy, it is not a software company! No matter how hard Cisco and Avaya try they going to lose this race. Microsoft integrate with Skype – Exclusively! And even Cisco screams did not help to cancel MS-Skype acquisition – why was even bother? Just wasted time and money for lawyers. CUCI is another phenomena – Cisco will try anything and everything to keep alive, but those days are over. Lync is the only platform that really do what Cisco claiming to have! So maybe join the club like Polycom – they have their own but also collaborate with Microsoft on Lync stuff. For the same reason Avaya is doomed too! Just give it another decade or so, and Jabber will be in the grave next to Novell. IMHO 🙂

    • Thanks for that uninsightful religious rant. If you honestly believe that Lync is the answer then I think you’ve grossly misunderstood the question. The world of collaboration is far more complex than you obviously seem to believe. It is a challenge that must be met head-on with thoughtful approaches to the way we can integrate technology into our lives and and it cannot be addressed by any one product. Honesty, I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to reply to your post at this point… I doubt you’ll even understand.

      • Wow! Appreciate the passion and commitment in the responses above – always makes for great discussion in these forums.

        For guest one, I think you were mistaken in the announcement as we didn’t buy anything. This is merely a partnership between Cisco and Jive. At the end of the day, we have many customers that are deploying our joint solution and it makes great sense to give them an amazing experience. We believe that experience must be led through integration and working together – something we already do with companies like Google and others. Choice is an important thing in a customers mind, and doing things with partners vs. “exclusively” in our own world is a huge positive for our customers. With a hat tip to the old Henry Ford quote of “you can have any color as long as it’s black” … customers are sick of black and looking more for a technicolor experience. We are helping them get that.

        For guest two, you are absolutely right – this is more than just about Lync. We have to solve for customer needs and integration with technologies that customers have chosen is an absolute must. That said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and for those that feel that a phone call should look like this then more power to them.


  4. Peder this is welcomed news. Can’t wait!

  5. Congratulations. By integrating two leading communications and communications platforms together, the net result will be a complementary solution that competes more effectively with other established vendors.

    Is this going to be a joint development initiative or do you plan to leverage ESNA’s integration work?

    • Hey Tim

      Thanks for the feedback and the comments. As you know, Jive and Cisco have already met in the market and worked with companies like ESNA to solve for customer needs. We will definitely be taking all learning and existing work in the wild and leveraging that as we do this more formally.