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Lights, Camera, Action!: Free Trial of Cisco Show and Share Webcasting and Video Sharing Platform P

More personalized than email and more meaningful than a phone call, Cisco believes secure desktop video is the wave of the  future for communication. One of our newest collaboration tools, Show and Share  (often called “YouTube for the Enterprise”) makes it easy to securely record, edit and share user-generated video content across your organization right from your desktop. Think of the possibilities. Instead of congratulating a direct report or fellow colleague on a job well done over email, why not send them something with a little more personality and zeal – a video of yourself sending a virtual high-five? Or instead of reading through a boring how-to document, wouldn’t it be better to watch a short video clip of one of your expert co-workers walking you through a step-by-step video demonstration?

These scenarios are just a few of the valuable ways that some of our customers are using Show and Share to transform how they connect and collaborate between customers, employees and students. Since February 2010, when Show and Share became available to Cisco’s own employees, we’ve seen usage grow quickly, with more than 208,000 page views and 67,000 video views already. CEO John Chambers is also an avid user of Show and Share and distributes company-wide updates via video posted to his internal blog, “On my Mind.”

We’re definitely excited about the promise that an easy-to-use system like Show and Share can bring to people, but we realize change doesn’t happen overnight. For all of you out there who might still be a little camera-shy, we’re making it easy to explore the benefits of social video by offering a free 30-day trial of Show and Share. Since the start of the free trial in late April, over 400 organizations have signed up to take part and see first-hand how user-generated video can be a powerful addition to the standard repertoire of communication tools out there.
This promotion ends on July 31, so don’t miss out on the chance to try Cisco Show and Share for free. To access your free trial now, click here. To check out a demo of Show and Share, click here.
Have you already started using Show and Share? Let us know how you like it so far!

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