Just Telecommute

How would the BART strike affect you? If you haven’t heard, people who work in the San Francisco Bay Area will possibly be dealing with nightmarish commutes come Monday morning. One of the largest pieces of our public transit system, BART, is set to go on strike, shutting down much of the rail access to San Francisco and surrounding areas.Are one of the tens of thousands of people who take BART to work every day? Or are you a business owner or manager in the Bay Area? Are you someone who works outside the Bay Area and counts on colleagues, suppliers, etc. in the area to be at there desks? If so, you are probably figuring out your alternate plans. Here’s my suggestion: Don’t make alternate plans. Don’t sit in your car for 2-3 hours. Just telecommute. At least until the strike settles. Maybe you’ll like it enough to continue! You might be thinking that setting yourself up to telecommute is hard, but Cisco’s WebEx technology can help make it really easy. The single biggest barrier most people face to telecommuting is the ability to meet with and collaborate with peers, managers, employees, suppliers, and customers. You have an internet connection, so try meeting online. Millions of people do every day. Personally, I telecommute for most of every week and hold nearly all my meetings online. You can bring together anyone you need to work with, wherever they are, immediately, and keep working on those critical projects, proposals and plans as though nothing ever happened. (Bonus: you gain back your commuting time, and will be home in time for dinner.) Share your documents, share your thoughts, and share your ideas. Get your team together to co-edit that important presentation. Even take a few minutes around lunch time and get an informal meeting of your more friendly colleagues around a virtual water cooler. How? Cisco’s WebEx technology is offering you a Free Ride. You can use WebEx meetings free for up to 14 days. But don’t forget your fuzzy slippers!by Jeff Weinberger, green guru, Cisco.

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  1. When the life without bart for a few hours or more, the example from this post is very useful to make business go on.

  2. I asked my boss last week if I could telecommute 2 days a week from home. He said no because if he offers it to me he has to offer it to everyone. Meanwhile, the CFO and the VP and 2 of their consultants fly back home to the east coast twice a month to work from there (we do not have an office on the east coast).Does anyone have any ideas on good solid arguments for convincing him to let me telecommute twice a week?

  3. Great example of a time when it is helpful to have practiced telecommuting so a BART strike or other event does not get in the way of doing business