How are Your Customers Experiencing your Brand

Did you solve the customer’s problem? Did you make it easy for them? Did they feel good about the interaction? This is the core of what matters for your customers.

For many brands that we know and love, digital interactions may be the ONLY interactions you have with that brand.  This trend towards digital was already underway, and now after the onset of the pandemic, it’s been massively accelerated. Companies are now trying to get the tools and technology in place to be able to provide exceptional and seamless digital experiences to their customers, to avoid problems such as long hold times, abandoned calls, and customer churn.

They’re also seeing the role of the contact center evolving from not just problem solving, but playing a part of the greater customer journey and influencing the experience of the customer.

Transform Your Contact Center 

Artificial intelligence is playing a key role in solving a number of these problems. The contact center after all, is where “moments of truth” happen between a company and their customers, and where a good or bad experience can leave a lasting impression. AI is being used to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and it has the potential to transform both agent and customer experiences.  In the past six months, we have seen a massive spike in adoption of these AI powered services and we expect that trend to continue over the next few years.

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Join our webinar to hear my discussion with industry experts from Google Cloud and Quantiphi on how we’re partnering together to transform the contact center through artificial intelligence. You’ll hear how AI helps to deliver fast and intuitive self-service to customers, and provide agents the context, insights, and intelligence to deliver timely, accurate responses that improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Panelists for the contact center with artificial intelligence including Antony Passemard, Omar Tawakol, and Gaurav Johar

We look forward to seeing you at our webinar.

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