What is your Dream Customer Experience?

If you could envision the future of customer experiences (CX), what would that look like?

Every business wants to have great relationships with their customers. But not everyone achieves this goal, even if they claim to be a customer-centric business. According to Cisco’s global contact center survey, 53 percent of contact centers report into a CX executive, and yet 72 percent of contact center decision-makers say that fragmented customer experiences are one of their top 5 business challenges.

As the gap between what customers expect and what they actually get widens, customers are continuing to be less tolerant and more likely to abandon a brand – even after just one bad experience. Creating a customer-centric culture starts by making CX a strategic priority for your business and core to your company values. And then, of course, it takes the right people, processes, and technology.

If your goal is to become more customer-centric, please join me in this insightful webinar where I will highlight the driving forces shaping the future of customer experience. I will also discuss the critical role the contact center plays in CX initiatives in creating competitive differentiation and driving better business outcomes.

Webinar Highlights

In the webinar I will discuss my five predictions for the future of customer experience:

  • How and why the customer expectation gap is widening.
  • How customer loyalty will be driven by “feelings”, and what emerging measurements best assess customer sentiment.
  • Why the contact center is evolving into the business “owner” of CX.
  • Why AI is not reimagining the future – humans are. AI is “super-augmenting” resources in delivering tangible personal and business value.
  • Why CX pursuits lean on more use of technology, but the human is still supreme.

Join our 30-minute, on-demand webinar today.


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