Matthew Saskin, VP of Customer Experience SelligentCo-Authored by Matthew Saskin, Vice President of Customer Experience for Selligent

Matthew Saskin is an accomplished go-to-market leader with a proven track record in creating and scaling businesses as well as deep expertise in customer experience and digital strategy.


An invitation from Vinod Muthukrishnan, Chief Growth Officer for Cisco Contact Center, and Matthew Saskin, Vice President of Customer Experience for Selligent.

Bridging Organizational Siloes to Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer experience is becoming critical in the battle for customer loyalty and is now considered the top competitive differentiator outweighing brand, product quality, and price.  According to Cisco’s global contact center survey, more than half of contact centers now report into a CX executive, and yet 72 percent of contact center decision-makers say that fragmented customer experiences are one of their top 5 business challenges.

Customers need continual communications on how the companies that they interact with are meeting their needs.  For many organizations, delivering a great customer experience starts with the contact center as perhaps the only point of contact. For others, the contact center is the last point of interaction after automation does its part. Either way, multiple touchpoints between a company and its customers will span across multiple organizations such as sales, marketing, and customer service, and across multiple channels such as e-mail, online, salespeople and media, creating silos that can result in inconsistent customer experiences.

Cisco and Selligent Partnership

Cisco and Selligent have partnered together to bring customers experience solutions to our customers.  As part of Cisco’s Solutions Plus Partner ecosystem, Selligent empowers Cisco customers with solutions that leverage a universal profile of the customer to deliver data-driven experiences. The partnership drives connected and informed omnichannel customer journeys that empower companies to achieve new levels of intelligent customer management.

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  • How to shift to a proactive support model that will result in positive business outcomes

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