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Jabber in plain English

June 22, 2012 - 9 Comments

What is Jabber?

I get this question quite often nowadays when meeting customers and , to be honest, sometimes I find that in trying to explain the many capabilities of the solution, I complicate the message too much. Jabber is Cisco’s collaboration client, runs on almost every platform and does many many things. The challenge is how to explain all that in about 5 minutes with no technical jargon so that everyone understands.

Here is the result. I took some time to record this short video (it lasts 5 min) hoping that it will make it easier to understand what the solution does together with some programs we put in place to increase adoption and usage for customers thinking about deployment.

Let me know if you find it useful. If you like it, please do comment, I’m open to suggestions on how to improve it.



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  1. Great summary video- thank you for posting this. I’ve sent a link to my team of trainers to review, as we prepare to offer training on Jabber soon.

  2. This is really very helpful. Thanks!

  3. Chema. that was a very valuable 5 minutes! I am going to promote this our to my CAN AM’s, channel and to promote to our partners. Mystery solved! A big thank you.

  4. Thanks.Really a sincere effort.Serious NEED for Jabber in plain English.Should be < 3-minutes without any unnecessary adjectives or side comments. With all due respect, the presenter's accent is difficult to understand and follow.Use professional for narration.Maybe a presentation with parts 1, 2 and 3.Some elements in this presentation are not essential to what a first user wants/needs to know to seek more comprehensive data. Use graphics that are simple and identifiable.Logos do not have much value at this point of user consideration for adopting Jabber.

    • Thanks Jay for your comments, points taken. I tried to reduce the duration to the maximun and was going to talk only about the clients, but then it looked to me it was not clear enough what kind of application Jabber is, so a description of the infrastructure behind was needed to clarify this is an enterprise app.
      Sorry if my accent makes it difficult to follow. This being more a personal initiative than anything else, I did it with my own means. I take your suggestion for the next time to engage at least a native English speaker.

      • Best Greetings Chema. Did not intend to diminish in any way your efforts or style. Easiest task is to critique someone else’s work. Taking the first initiative is harder. Guess my comment was in desperation…there is so much end-user confusion with the ever-growing list of collaboration options. Sorting through them is overwhelming, and even harder trying to differentiate to customers. Keep trying to help us untangle this very dynamic platform . Thanks!