It’s not just the PC…it’s the experience that’s changing

November 29, 2011 - 2 Comments

The industry is buzzing about the “post-PC era,” but some customers I talk to object to the term because it’s not just about the PC. The entire compute stack has changed fundamentally – new devices, server architectures, and operating systems have exploded onto the scene.

The post-PC era is really about a new experience – a change in the way people are using apps, devices, and the network to connect with people and information.

As business people choose alternatives to the PC (and alternatives like cloud computing), we at Cisco believe their experience can’t be compromised. It has to surpass the PC / client-server paradigm.

The Cisco Cius and our latest advance in the Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure are very different solutions that offer business advantage in the post-PC era. Let me tell you why.

The Cisco Cius is an enterprise collaboration device for business that integrates mobile video, voice and virtualization into a single device. Its multi-touch tablet form factor allows mobility while delivering a powerful user experience.

It securely delivers my virtual desktop and all my business apps – as well as voice and HD video calls – in a mobile device. Depending on where I’m going, I can leave the laptop at home.

Cisco’s App Developer Program

Since its launch, Cisco Cius has really beefed up its applications profile while maintaining enterprise data security (and believe me, IT loves the security and manageability of the Cius).

At Cisco Live in July, we announced AppHQ, the industry’s first enterprise applications marketplace. Android developers are seeing how simple and powerful AppHQ really is, and as a result, hundreds of mobile business apps are being created, managed, and deployed quickly and securely. (Soon I predict there will be thousands.)

Wyse’s “PocketCloud” Remote Desktop App for Cius
In late September, Wyse announced their PocketCloud solution for Cius available via AppHQ – it lets you securely access, search, control, and edit the files stored on your computer from anywhere. I love it. It’s no surprise why PC World named Wyse PocketCloud the ‘best by far’ remote desktop Android application.

@ucorbshank Wyse PocketCloud App Delivers Expanded Mobile Virtual Desktop Access on Cisco Cius Enterprise Tablet

@ciscocollab Unshackle yourself from the desk and enjoy the best virtualized desktop experience on the move. Find out how #Cius

Cisco VXI – Virtualization with Exceptional Voice and Video

I hope you also saw our latest virtualization news: we announced our next move for Cisco’s Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI). We first began talking about delivering the power of high quality voice and video in a VDI environment last year. Now we are the first to market with endpoints that make it possible.

New zero-client endpoints, Cisco services, and a strategic alliance with Citrix are here to deliver exceptional end user experiences, provide IT managers greater security and control, and help customers simplify and accelerate large-scale desktop virtualization deployments.

@ciscocollab Yesterday we announced the next-gen virt. workspace. Now you can watch these products in action here: #ciscovxi

So the communications experience has changed fundamentally – with Cius, a single device can handle all my mobile video, voice and virtualization needs.

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  1. Businesses are looking to gain an advantage in this post-PC era. Server virtualization also provides reliability and redundancy over a physical infrastructure.

  2. It good to see these kind of developments as it’s quite easy to simply stick with a set model that may have worked fine for a long time but ultmately things change and we have to change with them or we will fail.