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Inside the Minds of Generation Y

September 7, 2012 - 2 Comments

In the words of Morley Safer from the American news program 60 Minutes, “Stand back all bosses, a new breed of American worker is about to attack everything you hold sacred.” What a nice way to put it Mr. Safer, but to be honest, it sounds a little biased.

Why has there been controversy between Generation Y and the current workforce? It may be due to our abnormal perspectives or the fact that we appreciate when others want our input – whatever it is, the media has enjoyed writing about our “non-traditional” ways of working. The truth is other generations are now embracing some of our methods: such as communicating through social media and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) because of its convenience and efficiency.

Yes, we may be viewed as discourteous to what the current workforce offers, but considering we represent some of the earliest adopters of new technology, we believe there is always “a next best thing”. Social media has made our voices heard because we have had the luxury of broadcasting ourselves and being heard by others, which may be a factor as to why we are confident and have outspoken tendencies. In short, when we are happy and comfortable with how we do our job, we will produce a greater work output. This proves, unlike the generations before us, it isn’t necessarily a high salary we hope to achieve, but rather a greater respect from our colleagues and a freedom of choice to collaborate through the devices we see fit.

Although I am a part of this “millenials” group, I have always enjoyed poking fun at the stereotypes people make up for our generation. We would be those people who have “Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi” or “Abraham Linksys” as our Wi-Fi names considering we are still young and enjoy having a little bit of fun. Our unrealistic expectations may seem outrageous but we only have good intentions and hope that one day these expectations can become a reality.

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  1. I would say it really happens, people getting different devices at home they like most, and asking to use them, just simple. What was non-negotiable years ago, seems to be open for discussion in some companies, some starting ahead with VDI solutions over end user preferred device at home and on the road. I am glad to see not only Gen-Ys but Xs like me and older leaders getting to it. At this moment, slowing gaining tracking but I would bet we will see this trending quickly in 3 to 5 years!

  2. Great blog! In Cisco IT, we’re empowering our Gen Y (and other) employees by using technology integrated into Cisco Connected Workplace.