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Innovation Shaping the Future of Visual Collaboration

September 9, 2013 - 3 Comments

In my recent No Jitter post, Innovation in Strange Places, I discussed the trends and challenges that are influencing the way we blend our physical and virtual environments to shape the future of the collaborative workspace. I pondered on everything from generational (GenX, GenY, and Baby Boomer) differences, to adaptive and intelligent user experiences, to truly pervasive and interoperable communication technologies.  When these factors come together, I believe they will enable us to connect the unconnected and to make the vision of any device, any application, from any location a reality–not just a tag line.

My No Jitter blog focused more on innovations in the physical environments and using an integrated approach to designing a collaborative office workspace. So, timely as it may be, I was intrigued when I came across the Young Executive’s Video survey, which said that 87 percent of respondents stated that a company’s video investment would significantly impact their decision when considering job offers. The fact is that video in the workspace is important to attract the Gen Y workforce, hence it creates more opportunities for innovation.

Angie Mistreta captured this opportunity in her blog when she said, “ The workplace is dynamic. In order to keep up with its constant evolution, we have to implement technologies that improve our business processes and empower employees with tools that help them advance their own careers.”

Visual collaboration is becoming a critical business tool just as email and voice are today.  We are seeing mission-critical business applications embed Gen Y communication preferences, such as IM; next is embedding video in business tools. We are witnessing a very strong demand for such integrations from our customers; resulting in our developer network partners actively bringing such solutions to market.

There is room for innovations in video for collaboration. As the needs of the user change, their expectations will grow. And they should expect innovative and cool user experiences: easy, seamless, instant, beautiful, and even fun. Expect always better efficiency in compression and bandwidth utilization. Expect new ways of interacting and visualizing data and context. In the survey, young executives said they were interested in innovations such as real time translation. So, tell me what are your expectations for the future of the collaborative workspace?

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  1. Hi there. Are you talking about using video technology to collaborate in the work space, or videomaking collaboration software?


  2. Good article the interesting point for me was “87 percent of respondents stated that a company’s video investment would significantly impact their decision when considering job offers” would be interesting to see what particular aspects of video expenditure they had in mind as that would provide a bit more of an insight!

    Personally I see an exponential growth in the use of tabletop technologies within teams to allow the easy sharing of tools and information.

    • Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you, and I think you are spot on about tabletop technologies. This is a very exciting area.