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Our workplace has drastically changed this year and the way we collaborate and communicate is now different. We are relying on collaboration technologies more than ever to get work done, whether we are working from home, in-office or on the go.

With millions now using video conferencing tools to collaborate, organizations are faced with overwhelmed networks, and the less-than-optimal meeting experiences. We are helping customers address these new challenges and changing work habits in their organizations with Cisco Webex. Webex continues to deliver innovation, technology, scale and security that has empowered work experiences around the world.

High Quality Webex Backbone

young man looking at the screen having a meeting The Webex backbone connects the entire world of Webex with a high-quality, redundant, and media-optimized network. Webex Edge Connect enables customers to tap directly into the Webex backbone via a dedicated, managed, quality-of-service (QoS) enabled IP link from a customer’s premises to the Cisco Webex cloud through direct peering. This setup leads to consistent, reliable, secure, and cost-effective meeting experience for all. For IT organizations, Webex Edge Connect removes friction from support and troubleshooting with end-to-end visibility and control of Webex traffic flows. Click here to learn more.

Webex and PacketFabric Joining Forces 

Webex is joining forces with Networking-as-a-Service platform (NaaS) PacketFabric to simplify and scale Webex Edge Connect solution to all PacketFabric customers. PacketFabric, an industry leader in NaaS, was named a 2020 Gartner “Cool Vendor in Enhanced Internet Services and Cloud Connectivity”. Connecting to the PacketFabric Network-as-a-Service Platform across hundreds of data center co-locations allows businesses to be more agile and gain the ability to provision adjustable bandwidth to global partners and applications as needed. PacketFabric and Webex Edge Connect customers can now transmit their meeting traffic through a secure, private and dedicated connectivity solution, and avoid latency, buffering, and unpredictable issues caused by using the public Internet.

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