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Imagine a World With True Any to Any Collaboration

November 14, 2013 - 2 Comments

True any to any collaboration means you can collaborate via rich media in real time no matter where you are and who you want to collaborate with.  You can use the device you want and collaborate the way you want with voice, video, messaging, or content sharing – imagine never again hearing the phrase “I will take care of that when I get back into the office.”

Cisco is striving to make this vision a reality and has made significant progress.  For example, Cisco recently announced capabilities for:

  • Mobile and teleworkers:  Making voice, video, messaging and content available outside the corporate network to mobile Jabber users and teleworkers without needing a VPN.   Best of all, our customers can realize these benefits with no additional costs.*
  • Intercompany and consumer collaboration:  Enabling real-time voice, video, and data-sharing capabilities for businesses to collaborate with consumers and business partners using Jabber Guest.  Customers or partners simply click a URL, website link, or mobile application to start the interaction. Organizations can build these capabilities into their website or mobile application with the included SDKs.

These capabilities are made possible by the Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture and an important component of this architecture, the newly released Cisco Expressway – they enable bridging of collaboration islands to enable any to any collaboration.

The diagram below shows the use cases that the architecture delivers.

blog diagram_use cases archtecture delivers

Cisco Expressway will support VPN-less connectivity on Apple iPad and iPhone and Windows clients this December.  Android and MAC OSX support will come next year.  You will also see additional capabilities added to the overall Collaboration Edge Architecture that will bring us ever closer to that any to any collaboration vision in new ways.

Today, we are connecting users – wherever they are and whatever device or means of collaboration they want to use.  The Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture helps us collaborate without being constrained by devices, systems or even location and corporate boundaries.

There are so many possibilities for innovation with Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture. To learn more watch the Collaboration Summit keynote replay. And to continue the conversation, please visit the Cisco Collaboration Community.  I welcome your feedback and look forward to us staying engaged.

*if using Cisco Unified Communications Licensing Enhanced, Plus or CUWL bundles

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  1. That sounds very interesting. Thank you, Mahal.

    And I would like to know more about this to figure out how we can use it as a micro small enterprise to reach out to more people with learning programs. Could you please suggest some links where I could learn more?