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May 20, 2014 - 2 Comments

I must be in the right business. I’m a pretty easy-going guy, but one thing that gets me worked up is inefficiency. Lines at the store, info I need to enter again and again online, meetings that exist just to schedule another meeting…arrrgh. That’s why I am so excited by the direction coming from Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group. Simplifying work experiences. Removing clutter from the desk. Reinventing how we innovate and engage across corporate and physical office boundaries. That’s just what the DX80 desktop collaboration device, announced here at Cisco Live, is designed to do. Give me a DX80 bumper sticker, and I’ll put it on the back of my rental car right now (Sorry, Hertz).

I am not alone in my love of efficiency. In this age of “Pace of Change2,” the top of mind for every business leader is how to get more done faster. According to a recent CIO Insights Study, innovation, efficiency, and cost reduction are CIOs’ top business priorities, in that order (Cisco Strategic Marketing Organization, Nov. 2013). Collaboration holds the promise of greatly increasing productivity for organizations of all sizes, in every industry.

Technology-enhanced collaboration is more than a technical architecture or product. What do you think would happen if you put a DX80 on every worker’s desktop at your company? Without network optimization, training, and adoption services, there might not be much change in productivity. And how would you measure success?  Putting devices on a desk and making sure they are functional is not an effective measure of success.  Are they being used?  Is video being turned on every time?  Is it changing the way people work?  You need to measure whether use of the devices is resulting in the benefits you expected to see. And you’ll want to adjust your strategy and support structure based on what you’ve learned.

IT Services links collaboration technology to business outcomes

IT Services links collaboration technology to business outcomes

Services Produce Business Results 

I urge my team every day to find new ways to improve our IT services to ensure our customers are getting the full value out of their IT investment. We tie technology to outcomes like productivity, innovation, efficiency, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. The secret to success is twofold:

  • We integrate new collaboration technology into your existing IT environment and customize it to the way your company wants to work
  • And we link the technology to business value

But the work we do is just a starting point.  It’s the work you do that makes these things happen. In every customer engagement, we work with amazing IT organizations to make exceptional collaboration experiences come to life. In fact, I think IT will be the leaders in delivering these new collaborative experiences that result in business outcomes. IT will become the hero at work.

Now I know if you’re like me and have teenagers at home, you are used to being treated like a hero. Or some of you may have programmed Siri to call you a hero. But that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about being a hero at work by connecting all these breakthrough collaboration technologies with the outcomes your company’s business leaders are seeking.

Are You Ready to Be an IT Hero?

Today, IT workers have a prime opportunity to redefine their role from reactive to proactive, from tactical to strategic, from a technical administrator to an IT hero! They can play the biggest part in helping companies acquire and implement the right technology to boost productivity, change customer experiences, spur growth, and increase revenue. In fact, the number of CIOs using their time and energy on more strategic activities continues to climb along with their role as business leaders. In the next three to five years, CIOs expect to spend 95 percent of their time on transformational and strategic activities and only 4 percent of their time on functional tasks. (State of the CIO: 2014, A Global Update, Adam Dennison.)

The reality is IT can become strategic service brokers to business groups at their organization. Join Rowan and me today, TuesdayMay 20 at 4:00 PM PDT at Cisco Live to see some incredible new collaborative technology in action and hear how real customers are transforming their businesses through the power of collaboration.

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  1. Interesting aproach with the IT Hero idea! I like it and I will follow the discussion on twitter.