If You Freelance, Here’s How to Collaborate Efficiently

October 24, 2011 - 2 Comments

Freelancing can be a great way to work. You don’t have to live by corporate edicts, you have the freedom to choose your work (well, at least you like to pretend you do – any freelancer knows you rarely turn down an assignment!) and you can work when and where you like.

Of course, there are challenges: getting work, keeping clients and figuring out how to collaborate in an efficient way. As any freelancer knows, time is money and driving to see clients can burn a good chunk of a day that could otherwise be used to get the work done!

Lorie Vela at Collaborationideas.com makes this observation:

Being a freelancer is already hard enough made even harder by adding new tasks and complicated operations when it comes to contacting, interacting and communicating with others. But the truth is that freelancers know better than anyone else what collaboration is all about, because being a freelancer means having to co-work with others, whether they are clients, customers, providers, etc, you always need to send files, emails, manage contacts, share, . Obviously, there’s a need to count on reliable tools and resources to work, but how about the planning and strategy to make it easier?

I’m surprised by how many freelancers collaborate in a very intuitive way, without even noticing they are doing so, they simply call it work. But knowing that you are “collaborating” could probably help you understand why sometimes things go wrong, why communication fails, why organizing tasks seems sometimes like an impossible issue to get resolved in time.

We want to help you collaborate effectively.

Using online meetings can save you tons of time. You don’t have to travel and you can meet with anyone who has a computer or internet device (think phone, iPad, etc.).You can use your webcam to make the meeting personal and share drafts, thumbnails, and more because online meetings let you show whatever is on your computer to your participants. And they can share too.

Maybe the best thing for freelancers is the meeting can be recorded. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time taking notes, you can actually let the meeting progress organically – let the creativity roll – and then you can go back to the recording after the meeting and take notes.

Get WebEx 8, a slimmed down version of WebEx that lets you meet with up to seven other people (host plus seven equals eight). You can get the free app for your iPhone, iPad or Smartphone so you can host meetings from anywhere you have an internet connection.

We want you to be free to get your work done effectively. Be a clever collaborator. Check out online meetings today.

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  1. A great application for freelancers is http://www.binfire.com It has many features freelancers need to collaborate with colleagues, customers and others. Group chat, real time interactive whiteboard and PDF markup tool are all included.

  2. Very rightly said Jennifer, freelancing is indeed a very interesting way to work.
    A number of college grad are adopting the work from home option.
    But it has its pro’s and con’s,they need to realise this.