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How to Start Freelancing; Free WebEx Event Provides Advice

November 7, 2011 - 0 Comments

Laura Spencer writes an interesting blog today, 10 of the Most Surprising Things about Freelancing. I think at some point, everyone has the fantasy of breaking free of the corporate hamster wheel and going out on their own. Especially if you have a skill set that can be easily transferred to different situations.

Freelancing is 100% risk. You are responsible for selling your skills and building a client base. You almost never turn down work because you never know when the next assignment will come along. It’s risky and it’s true what Laura says, you really don’t get “personal days” unless you do some careful planning.

But what if you aren’t ready to jump into freelancing 100% of the time?

There are ways you can put your foot in the water and see if you have what it takes without actually jumping in. You could volunteer to do a job similar to what you might want to do on your own. Find a local organization and start “giving it away”. Or you could freelance on just a single job that you do before or after work, or on the weekends.  By giving it a try on a small scale, you can learn if you have what it takes: initiative, organization, the ability to manage remotely and the right tools.

We have someone who can help you get started.

Phil Montero, the founder of and recognized expert in cloud computing and mobile work, has created a blueprint he calls The Anywhere Office. In this webinar, Phil shares secrets to mobilize your work style and make your business and projects more flexible.

These simple steps will allow you to work wherever and whenever you want. Phil will show you how to make your work location independent, choose the right tools for your work style, improve communication and keep people connected and manage a virtual team, distributed project group, or ebusiness across time and distance.

Details: Thursday, November 17, 9am PT  |  12pm ET  | Register now!

Did the event already happen? You can still access the recording!

Special Offer from Phil
This WebEx is free and if you like what you hear, Phil has also put together a special offer for WebEx fans. You can get 20% off his on-demand workshop: The Art of Virtual Leadership which is a concentrated workshop designed to provide the essential knowledge, skills, and best practices needed to lead virtual teams and distributed workers. It contains both strategies and concrete tips to overcome the obstacles of communicating, supervising, collaborating, and team-building across time and distance. Register and use the code “WebEx” to receive the discount.

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