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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2008 - 0 Comments

How are you celebrating Earth Day? According to the Earth Day Network, Earth Day 2008 is expected to be the biggest in this event’s 38-year history. There are events of all sorts from celebrations to volunteer opportunities all over the world. You can find more than you ever thought possible with a simple Google search.Take a simple step.For the last few years, coincidentally, I’ve found myself flying somewhere on Earth Day (this year it was the day before). But whether I get on a plane on Earth Day or the day after (this year it was the day before) doesn’t matter much. What does matter is what I do all year. I may end up having a very-low-carbon-emission Earth Day this year, but if I go back to high-carbon-emission habits tomorrow, I haven’t really accomplished much.Becoming greener and reducing your carbon footprint can be simple. Hold a meeting on-line (try it free). Work from home one day per week (or month if your boss doesn’t like the idea as much). Check out what a few Cisco and WebEx execs are doing in their own lives to be just a little bit greener:And if you are interested in how to get started, or in hearing how other companies are taking some simple steps, join us tomorrow for the Green Business Summit.So whether it’s personal passion or pure profit that propels you to produce a bit less carbon, take one step today. And make it last all year.I promise not to ask you to take another step-at least not until tomorrow.Jeff Weinberger, Chair, WebEx Green Initiative, WebEx

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