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Getting Beyond “Why Cloud For Collaboration?”

February 7, 2014 - 4 Comments

Why should I move to the cloud for collaboration? This is the question I get asked most often, and it’s easy to understand why;  there is a lot of noise in the market around Cloud and Collaboration.  Adoption has been pretty rapid by both IT and business units–so it’s no wonder interest in Cloud Collaboration is so high.  Looking across all the current research that I see, about half of respondents currently use – or plan to use – the cloud for collaboration services.   So why Cloud?  Well, often it helps solve a series of problems, provides a more integrated solution and better connects people.  Often the biggest reason is that it provides what’s needed to run the business. 

Perhaps instead of focusing on ‘cloud’ per se, you should focus on your business.  What business challenges could the cloud help you solve?  Customers I speak to are often looking to reduce complexity, control costs or make them more predictable, and become more agile.   In our discussions I like to give examples of how we have specifically helped our customers already.   I would encourage you to read some of their stories in our ‘Business Case for Cloud Collaboration’.  This brochure describes their challenges and the solutions that they have adopted.  I am sure you will find at least one that resonates with what you are trying to achieve.

Cloud Collaboration Drives Busienss Value Across IndustriesEvery industry has specific challenges and the cloud can help each organization in the specific or unique way that’s needed.  The secret is to focus on what will help you achieve your objectives.  We worked with Current Analysis (a renowned industry analysis firm) to research how Cloud Collaboration drives business value across various industries.  The research paper provides detailed insights into each industry and exposes how a broad range of businesses have benefitted from the cloud – some more useful food for thought.

Taking it a step further, think about how you could use the cloud to help transform your business.  Collaboration technologies – and now the cloud – are driving business forward.  Business leaders increasingly see technology as one of the key enablers in helping them transform their business; and win.  A recent Cisco blog highlights how collaboration and the cloud are at the centre of business transformation and provides some useful insight into how the cloud may ‘fit’ your organization.

In addition, we recently worked with Forbes who publishedCollaborating In The Cloud (Forbes Insights) research into what competitive advantages many organizations are gaining from cloud based collaboration.   In the full report and webcast the evidence is overwhelmingly positive.  Those that have adopted the cloud and are actively driving deployments across their organizations are seeing great returns.  The cloud is helping to accelerate business results, break down boundaries, enable efficient business processes and spur innovation.  It is not only about helping to run your business, but more how it can help transform and expand your business.  Cloud Collaboration can help drive your business forward.

In future blogs we will look into the different types of clouds and how they can be fused together, enabling a broad collaboration experience across this new world, this ‘world of many clouds’…

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  1. Marcus, great post. Would enjoy future dialogue or insight on intersection or integration between private and public clouds.

    • Thank you Michael. Yes, looking forward to discussions around the ‘World of Many Clouds’. Public, Private, Third Party, SaaS Services and On-premises

      • Cloud doesnt need to post on a public matter, we can only offer it as a private concurence.Worldwide support will be implemented on this coming month.
        Thank you for the comment

        • Agreed and thank you.
          Cisco’s overall cloud strategy supports a ‘world of many clouds’ and so we see customers wanting to be ‘cloud connected’ – on premesis and private clouds, public clouds, cisco partner clouds (Cisco Powered cloud services) and 3rd party clouds (like SaaS services).
          Watch this space and future blogs around Cisco Cloud Fusion – our cohesive architectural strategy for connecting clouds …the enabling ingredient that connects clouds, services and people